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Why Do Super Rich People Like Bill Gate & Dangote Still Want To Get More Richer? Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? Why Do Those Richest Men In The World Still Want To Have More Money? Why Do We Like To Be Around Positive People?
Why Do Those Richest Men In The World Still Want To Have More Money? by Goodboy(m): Mon 25, October, 2021
They have reached this point in life only because they focused on money all of their lives. When you start prioritizing something in your life like money, everything else takes a backseat. Their world starts revolving around money. They now have all it takes to fulfil their materialistic wishes and all that has happened only because of money. They start thinking in terms of money. They had started chasing money making them addicted to it. Now even if they have been declared as the richest of all, they still can’t stop their chase. They still can’t get over the fact that they need to acquire more money. They are basically in a race which does not have a destination.

And Most people who is classified as ultra rich would still prefer to continue to make more money if they can because there’s no reason for them not to.

Money is never enough. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more money.

What's wrong is if the 'having' is being taking from those who have less.

Though human are greedy, we always want more of something juices..

Let's live in peace anyway.

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