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How To Know When You Are Pursuing Your Dream by Tosin_d_origin(1): Tue 26, October, 2021

How To Know When You Are Pursuing Your Dream

Omolola is a young great lady who is impact driven. She lives in Surulere part of Lagos. She is in her early twenties, the period every individual most have discovered the path they want to take in life. I could see it clearly all written all over her face that she is impact driven but doesn't know how to go about it. She is multi-talented, having a very good vocal sound, that the very first day I met her I was wowed, she could write, very good in disserting complex situation into what could be easily understand by a five years old child.

Just as social media has make networking with those that you wish to associate with easier, she sent me a friend request after reading one of my content in a group, I accepted it; without taking long, we became friends and she discuss her plight with me and I was greatly moved. Being talented but doesn't know how to convert what she does best into a money making machine. She enrolled for one of online course package and began to scale through but basically today what brought about this content was the question she asked me which is "how do I know when am pursuing my dream?"

I will be sharing 5 tips out of the list I gave her, take not of them.

📌 You will step out of comfort zone: When you begin to pursue your dreams vigorously, my friend, you will step out. The truth is that achieving what you greatly desire won't come on a platter of gold. You have to work towards them. One thing I have always tell myself is that if the manifestation of this dream doesn't come to me then I will leave where I am to meet it. Leaving your comfort zone is not directly link to living you physical zone. You can be in a physical zone with opportunities and still not fullfil your dream. Leaving your comfort zone might be reading a book for an hour each day concerning what you want to do, it is saying no to pleasure now and enjoying later by the doing the necessary things NOW, leaving your comfort zone might be disciplining yourself to do the things that would warranty the manifestation of your dreams rather than going for parties. Can I share a little secret with you? Is it even a secret? Maybe or maybe not. If you want to be vast in any areas of your life, take a book every month or week and read concerning that topic and see your mind do wonders. YOUR MIND IS A BREAST, FEED IT WITH QUALITY INFORMATION. if you would like to have one of my great e-libray link, share and comments below.

📌 You will get scared at one point: I could remember vividly beginning the journey of my career dream, there were period I was totally scared in one way or the other thinking of what people would say concerning the career path I chose. See my friend, don't let anyone decide who you'll be on this earth. You must make a clear decision on the path you want to follow before the world will give you any path. Remember! I have said " it takes courage to pursue ones dream, courage is not the absence of fear but the conquering of fear". Don't let fear of uncertainty rule your life. Take a step and see what happens. Always have the mindset that even if anything goes wrong concerning the step am about to take, I will get up again and take note of where I made mistake and continue the great journey ahead. Always say this to yourself, "it either am getting up or I am up". Don't have the mindset of being defeated for failing at a thing, my friend get up again because you are created for GREATNESS.

📌 You won't be able to please everyone: Oh my God, you will irritate some people. Even your loved ones because the truth is that at times you are only part of that family but your journey here on earth is different. God's plan for your life might be totally different from what your family have for you. Get this! Honour your family particularly your parents because they have great impact in whatever you will become here on earth. There plan might be awesome but it might not be what God wants you do which will require having that relationship with God to make them understand. You will notice that, that your friend that have always make decisions on your behalf on what to do with your life will no longer be able to because of the journey you've embark on.

📌 You learn the true meaning of faith: When pursuing your dream, your faith become more active. As the scripture makes us to understand that faith is something hope for, the evidence of things not seen. You know your dream is true even though it is not yet manifested, having faith in God Almighty concerning your dream and following the leading within your heart is what will cause the manifestation. Your faith is essential when pursuing your dream therefore build it up.

📌 You will learn to be patient: Patient is the key that unlock anything on this earth. It has a great prize for those who exercise their patient concerning their dream. Take note that patient is the attitude of heart in the waiting period. Do you know that one can wait wrongly. My friend, don't do that. Wait with gratitude, with expectancy that something great is about to happen. Don't want passively, wait actively. Be happy and walk around with great faith in the manifestation of your dream. Remember! You are not here to live to survive but to live in abundance! You are created for GREATNESS, you are suberb, hold this thought everyday of your life because that who you truly are.

Don't forget to comment what you gain and as well like it. Share to bless else as it blesses you. You are awesome my friend!

Personal Brand Expert, Information Marketer & Public Speaker

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