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How To Resolve The Playstation2 In White And Black Image by Francisdenz(1): Wed 27, October, 2021
The PlayStation 2(PS2) is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The PS2 is the best-selling video game console of all time, having sold over 155 million units worldwide. The PS2 is primarily differentiated between models featuring the original "fat" case design and "slimline" models. The PS2 standard colour is matte black.

The PlayStation 2 originally comes with composite cables Yellow, Red and White. Red and White are for audio and yellow for video. Plugging your PlayStation 2 composite cables into the component input will result in a White and Black image. Proper connections will result in the right display of colours.

Connecting the PlayStation 2 There are several ways that you can connect your PlayStation 2 to your TV or receiver, depending on the inputs available. Different inputs will provide different levels of image quality. Inputs are typically found on the back of the TV. • Composite - This is the most common way to connect a PlayStation 2 to a TV, receiver, or VCR. Composite cables have three plugs: Yellow (Video) and Red and White (Audio). This cable comes packaged with all new PlayStation 2 models. Newer HDTVs may not support this connection. • Component - This is the best way to connect a PlayStation 2 to modern TVs, as most HDTVs have these inputs. Component cables also provide the best possible picture quality for the PlayStation 2. Component cables have five plugs: Red, Blue and Green (Video) and Red and White (Audio). Component cables do not come packaged with the PlayStation 2. If purchasing a component cable, make sure that it is PlayStation 2 compatible with the PlayStation 2 plug on one end. • S-Video - This input is not very common on newer TVs. It will provide a better picture than composite cables, but not as good as component cables. The S-Video plug is typically yellow and has pins instead of a standard AV plug. The PlayStation 2 S-Video cable has the S-Video plug as well as the Red and White audio plugs. There are composite cables originally packed in the PlayStation 2 box. If you need a different cable, you'll have to order it or buy one online. Make sure that you get the PlayStation 2 version of the cable you want to use, as the PlayStation 2 requires a special plug on one end of the cable. PlayStation 2 video cables will work for all PlayStation 2 models. All PlayStation 2 video cables connect to the same port on the back of the PlayStation 2. The video port is located in the bottom-right corner of the back of the fat PlayStation 2, and on the right side of the back of the slim PlayStation 2. Match the colours of the plugs with the colours on the inputs. • The audio connection (Red and White) may be offset from the video inputs on the TV. If your TV only supports mono sound, just use the White audio plug. • When connecting component cables, you'll likely have two Red plugs. One of these is the video and the other is audio. • If your TV only has component connectors, but you only have a composite cable, you may still be able to connect the two. Plug the Red and White audio cables as normal, and try plugging the Yellow plug into the Green connector. If this ends up resulting in a black-and-white image, try plugging the Yellow plug into either the Blue or the other Red connector. The fat PS2 and the slim PlayStation 2 have different power cables. To connect the fat PS2, plug the "figure-eight" side of the power cable into the back of the PlayStation 2, and then plug it into the wall or a power strip. For slim PS2s, connect the power cable to the yellow "DC IN" jack on the back of the PlayStation 2, connect the power brick, and then plug the entire cable into the wall or power strip. • Make sure that the cable has some slack so that it isn't straining the connection.

You'll need either an official PlayStation 2 controller (called a DualShock 2) or a third-party controller designed for the PS2. All new PlayStation 2 models come with a single DualShock 2 controller. If you want to be able to save your progress in games, you'll need to insert a PS2 memory card, official memory cards are 8 MB, which is enough space for lots of saved games. You can purchase unofficial larger memory cards, but these have a higher chance of failing and corrupting your saved data. However, official, larger memory cards do exist in 16 MB and 32 MB. You can store using the hard drive add-on without a memory card, but you need a memory card to install the hard drive software. • You can play games without a memory card or an HDD, but your progress will be lost whenever you turn the system off or change games. • Memory cards are inserted directly above the controller. Make sure that the memory card label is facing up when you insert it. Turn on your TV and switch it to the input that the PlayStation 2 is connected to. If you connect the PS2 to your VCR or receiver, make sure that the VCR or receiver is set to the correct input, and that your TV is set to the VCR or receiver's input. Press the power button on the front of the PlayStation 2. The light should turn green and, if the correct input is selected, you should see the PS2 opening logo animation. If there is no game inserted, you'll be taken to the PS2 system menu. If a game is inserted, it will start automatically after the boot-up animation.

Reading the manual before setting up the PlayStation 2 will be an adequate resource for the user and this will give the user an in-depth knowledge and a bounty of information as to the guidelines and directions for installing and usage of the playstion2.

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