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Lies Ruin Everything
LIES RUIN EVERYTHING by Bodezpen(1): Wed 27, October, 2021
90% of you lie, and that is why our environment remains what it is. People lie about almost everything.
Lies have been so popular and have become normal in a human environment generally. The worse case is, people still lie to themselves.
I see many people executing this behaviour every day. They pretend to be rich but strikingly poor. Their product is lousy but positions it to be the best. They act and accept what they don't like. They are lazy but would do everything to cover themselves up. Ask them how old are they and they will lie about it.
Meanwhile, no one can genuinely live a happy and successful life without being 100% truthful to themselves and others.
Real growth starts to surface in your life only when you begin to say the truth about everything. This is difficult to do but the only truth is the key to the freedom you seek.
"Be ready and ready to give yourself and the world the truth about what you say with your mouth and what you do with your hands".
That principle is the highest level of knowledge. Nothing else surpasses it.
If our government can reason about it and send out a legion of adventurers to gather esoteric knowledge about the topic and insert it into our educational curriculum, such an environment will be the new Garden of Eden.
That is the mechanism behind science and technology. They worked on searching for the truth, gathered materials to unravel the truth, always remained constant on the truth and eventually manufactured the truth for practical and physical use.
If your life is not a function of truth, you can never have everlasting success and happiness will be so fragile in your life.
Of course, you can make millions with lies. Those that followed this wrong path years ago are currently reaping the result of their deeds. Our past political leaders are examples of this.
After years of corruption, their siphoned millions failed to buy them peace. Believe me, the majority of them are living in pain. They don't have Peace.
Those that are not confined with wheelchairs like Babangida have their underground battle. The Law of Karma is real! What goes around comes around!
"Seek for the truth and the truth shall set you free".... Bible. Yes, I know it is easier said than done. I personally usually feel like cutting corners at times.
Following the path of truth is always difficult at the beginning. Fortunately, that path will eventually make you very powerful in the long run. Be just and truthful then see your entire life experience unexplainable joy and progress.
Exploitation is human. We are naturally wired to feed on other animals or people. We somehow look forays to outsmarting or cheating others. Unfortunately, amidst this, we unknowingly hurt ourselves.
Now, to retain this limbic brain requires a lot of work. It involves both physical and mental work but most people won't do anything to retrain the brain.
This is still talking about change. Your life won't have significant improvement until you change. It is changed that changes any part of your life to what you desire. Nothing happens until you change.
Thanks for reading through, so what are your takes on this? Drop your comments and don't forget to like and share this content.

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