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How To Fulfill Your Dream by Tosin_d_origin(1): Sat 30, October, 2021
How To Fulfill Your Dream

I was having discussion with one of my mentor in his office, my God! The discussion was awesome. It was a discussion I never recovered from till today. I discovered that for one to actually go far in whatever one engages, one really need a mentor that is committed to seeing you grow in that area you've made them your mentor. In life journey, a mentor to some individuals will also be a mentee to someone else. Just as I have mentors, some individuals have also decided to made me there mentor for one reason or the other. But where am I actually going? So, it was Tuesday afternoon in my mentor's office. I was having discussion with my him concerning what makes me feel restless, about a dream to cause a great impact in people's lives and also to earn from it.

I knew you will have experience that feeling that you have when you truly operate in your YOU, where you experience extreme joy that you can't just explain as a result of a particular dream you have that if there's was nothing like money you can operate in it without ever getting tired. That was how it was for me having that discussion with my mentor. My mentor and I discussed some many things but I will be sharing part of it with you today. Which is "How to fulfill your dreams."

You would remember that this month I have be writing out content concerning fulfilling your dreams, what can prevent you, people you must avoid, mindset you must have etc. The last before this which was "how to know when you are pursuing your dream". Fortunately, this will be the last series I will be putting out this month concerning dreams. So lets discuss today's own, "how to fulfill your dream."

📌 Select a dream to fulfill : When my mentor and I was having a discussion he said the reason a dream is never fulfill is because of some many alternative dreams. The truth is that we all aspire to be something, but we have to begins with one thing and other things will begin to fall in place. It is often said that "jack of all trade, master of non". Don't be that, select a single dream to fulfill at a time and pursue it vigorously. When you aspire to be many things, it is difficult to focus and make plans for it to be fulfilled. In the case of making balance between your dream and other areas of life is justified, but my point is that choose a dream and pursue it with vigorously.

📌 Believe it is achievable: One thing about achieving anything on this earth is that you have to believe it is possible. You have to have strong believe that your dream will become reality. The scriptures says "faith is something hope for, the evidence of things not seen". You have to have faith that your dream in the nonphysical (within your heart) will be manifested by your faith in it. Don't let anyone or anything come in between the fulfilment of your dream. You must believe it strongly. One thing I have discover is that If you don't believe in your dream nobody will. You are the first to see it within your heart, you are the first to begin to work on it, you are the first to begin to follow that small still voice within your heart. When in the journey of fulfilling your dream, it is first believing before seeing the manifestation. Do you believe in your dream?

📌 Ask for help: In this our generation, when an individual ask for help, they believe the individual is weak which is not really so. Get this my friend, asking for help in the fulfilment of your dream doesn't mean you are weak, it only mean you know the right thing to do. Asking for help from those that really matter concerning the birthing of your dream is a very awesome thing to do. If I never ask for help from some of my mentors who have achieved and do what is just a dream within my heart, I don't think I will be where I am today. In one of my blueprint titled "You, Your Brand, Build One!" Chapter one discuss the importance of right questioning whether to birth your purpose or to fulfill your dream. Questions are the answers. The kind of question you ask when seeking for help concerning your dream will determine the kind of quality answers you will get. Don't be afraid of asking for help. Infact you can ask for help right now!

📌 Adjust your life as necessary: The truth is that if you are really serious about achieving your dream some adjustments had to be made in your life. Some things has to go down while some things go up just like see-saw at the children's play ground. You have to dedicate quality time to working on dream. You have to stop being distracted from what really matters. Adjusting your life for the fulfilment of your dreams might be avoiding unnecessary chatting, lowering party going, spending less time on the social media, avoiding too much of watching television etc. Check your life now and readjust, it's not too late.

📌 Stay focused: This one, I battled with it personally, everyday trying to do the needful to warranty achieving the main thing. The truth is that alot of thing fight for your attention. Social media, relationship, family, friends etc. One of the thing I do to warranty doing the needful everyday is to plan my day ahead and discipline myself enough to follow through. In the journey of fulfilling your dream, so many things will try to distract you, you must stay focused. What does FOCUS mean? It means Follow One Course Until Succeed. Remember that focus song? I bet you do. So my friend focus!

If you've learnt anything from the content, comment, share and like it. Thanks for doing just that.

Remember! You are created for GREATNESS!

Personal Brand Expert, Information Marketer & Public Speaker

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