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3 Groups That Are Making Nigeria Uncomfortable To Live In by Seedorf2(m): Wed 03, November, 2021
Many Nigerians complain that Nigeria is very uncomfortable to live in, because of the insecurity problems in the country and other problems we face in Nigeria. Several things are happening in Nigeria that seems to make Nigeria uncomfortable to live in. These things make most Nigerians dream of dwelling in other countries of the world instead of Nigeria.
But despite anything that happens, Nigeria is still our country, and it is left for us to fix her. We can't run away from our country, we should be responsible to fix all the problems we are facing all by ourselves. So, in this content, you are going to know the groups in Nigeria that make Nigeria uncomfortable to live in.

1. Terrorists: This is the worst group in the country. Some tourists who are supposed to visit Nigeria have changed their minds, because of the high rate of terrorism going on in the country. Terrorists take many people's lives and properties daily. Some people are fed up with living in Nigeria because of terrorism.

2. Bad police officers: Police brutality in Nigeria has taken away the lives of many Nigerian youths, no doubt about that. This is one of the problems we have in Nigeria. Many Nigerian wish they are not Nigerians, because of police brutality in the country. Police brutality has made the country very uncomfortable for many Nigerians, no doubt about that.

3. Agitators: The group of people who are longing to separate themselves from Nigeria, have made the country uncomfortable to live in. Through the activities of agitators in Nigeria, some people find it very uncomfortable to live in the country. So they feel like leaving the country to stay away from her.

If these three things can be resolved in Nigeria, then there will surely be peace in Nigeria, no doubt about that. What do you think?

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