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STOP DOING THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOOSE THAT JOB by Pleasant(2): Thu 04, November, 2021

let me quickly address something
It is Absolutely Unethical❌❌❌ to message a stranger with *Hey*

Even *Hi* and *Hello* or *Good morning* shouldn't just stop there❌❌❌

Please, go straight to the point

First impression matters a lot‼️
👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾Why should you do this abi?

1. It depicts you as an *Authority*
The value you place on yourself is what people will place on you

People will *never call* you what you've not called yourself

2. People are busy with life and stuffs, typing Good morning and expecting a feedback before continuing your message will leave you stranded
Never wait for reply, go straight to the point.

*It's the point that Matters*

View it as this, you applied for a job interview via Email
How will you feel if the interviewer sends you

*Hello, Aspirant Good morning*
That's all, with no further info🙆🏿‍♀️
That's The same way it feels.

3. Networking is Important to sales
They are brothers and Sisters
Introducing yourself and what you do or intend to do will give you leverage of the person saving your contact and connecting with you if not at the moment, in the future😎😎😎
I do this a lot🤗

People do this a lot
Why should you feel like you're bothering me because you want to network with me
I mean, if you want me to feel like you're bothering me, I'll definitely feel that way and respond to you back like I'm being bothered

*See, Value yourself*‼️
*You're an Authority*‼️

Whether you Sell or are being sold to😂😂😂

Never feel sorry for networking😊😊

Hope you got value?

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