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4 Ways You Can Stop Your Child Who Is Bed Wetting Without Flogging Him Or Her by Seedorf(m): Fri 05, November, 2021
Bed Wetting is a common habit that can be attributed to a lot of kids. It has overtime become the habit of kids to bed wet every night. In the life of every child, there is a point when you will bed wet.
In Nigeria here, I have found that one of the most common ways parents react to this, is by flogging the child mercilessly in order for them to stop the habit. This most times don't work and it keeps these kids worried all night while they sleep.

Well there are other simpler and less painful ways you can handle this as a parent. In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 ways you can stop your child from bed Wetting.

1. Shift time for drinking

Make it a common habit to help your kids know how they take water. Teach them how to take more water in the day and less in the night as the less fluid they take, the reduced urge to urinate.

2. Schedule bathroom breaks

As a parent, make a time schedule and wake up at least at two hours interval to go and help your kids go to the bedroom. This helps in reducing their chances of bed Wetting.

3. Be encouraging

Once your child starts improving, try to encourage them on their new progress and help them push ahead. Encouragement helps in making it a task for the kids as they will derive joy whenever they didn't bed wet.

4. Don't resort to punishment

You should understand that every child passes through this process and no matter how much you flog them, it will never change the fact that they will bed wet.

So as a parent never resort to punishment rather be more encouraging to your kids.

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