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Don't Ever Curse Your Country Learn To Stay Away From Your Comfort Zone Keep Your Costs Low - Best Strategies For Keeping Costs Down As Your Business Grows Your Content Matters
Your Content Matters by Tosin_d_origin(1): Sat 06, November, 2021
You Content Matters 🍧🍧🍧🍧

It was a Sunday afternoon and a friend of mine came to visit me at home, my God! I was so happy that day. For the fact that we've seen each other in a very long time and I was so extremely happy to see him as he was too. Then he brought out some stuffs that he bought for me. When I first looked at the drink he bought for me, it was so attractive and looking so nice. I thought in my mind "this would taste nice" holding the drink high to the air smirking at it ready to be gushed down my dry oesophagus. I was like get me a cup! something is needed to be consume here.

As I open the drink and perceive the sweet smell coming out, my eyes were rolling in their socket and my tummy shouting " I can't wait ooo" . Immediately I poured the juice and began to drink vigorously as one whose throat is about to be cutoff. Suddenly, my happy face grew sour and my eyes bulging out as if they want to fall from their position. My stomach's accolade suddenly turns to " what the hell is this?" And I, personally as the controller of them all sat down and put down the drink and ran to the rest room as fast as a flash in the marvel movies. Believe me, I turned to flash immediately. What was happening here? The drink my old friend bought for me has expired a year ago without him not knowing.

What am I trying to point? The fact is that irrespective of how we make our physical appearance more radiant and attractive. We should be conscious of our content. What are you feeding your mind on daily basis? You mind is the one that controls most of your thinking pattern, your believe system, your thought patterns etc.

How do information get to into your mind? Well! You know the answer already. Through your senses e.i your eyes, your hear, and also what you read. As well as beautifying your physical appearance matters, beautify your inner being as well because truly you inner controls the physical.

If you think packaging is necessary physically, I think packaging is necessary internally as well because it just a matter of time before the real package showcases itself just as the juice in my mouth.

Personal Brand Expert, Information Marketer & Public Speaker

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