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You Won't Believe This Scandal!!!! Sit-at-home: You Won’t Enslave Ndigbo For One Week – Ohanaeze Tells Ipob
YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS SCANDAL!!!! by Dante(1): Tue 16, November, 2021
Betty was the diva of my class, you call her a queen, eyes like the moon, lips so succulent, skin like milk, she indeed was Royalty. Now me on the other hand I am the class joker, a loser if you will I had no name, just the boy with geeky glasses who loved video games and was good at math. But if you are curious you can just call me Logan.
So it was another day in school this hell hole disguised as a place of learning and fun. I had just finished a lecture and needed to go ease myself in the mens room. I carefully made my way from hall to hall trying to evade the gaze of my coursemates. Their eyes lowered my self esteem which was already in the red.
I got to the empty bathroom which was surprising because its usually packed with assholes around this time but who am I to complain I am just glad I can pee in peace. I headed for the neatest stall I knew, but unfortunately it was already taken. “lucky bastard” I thought to myself as I took the stall next to it. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time but I am pretty sure I heard soft moans coming from somewhere I immediately stopped moving as my basic instincts kicked in at the moment I peered in to try and listen more carefully and of course I heard it again, it sounded like sex moans and its from a girl and it came from the stall right beside me yes the neatest one I went for in the first place at that moment various thoughts ran through my head. what is she doing here? is she masturbating? is she fucking? could it be a teacher or student? or someone’s mom!!!!!! this thoughts spiked my curiosity and my sex drive because believe it or not I was having a boner. I pressed my ear against the wall to listen better as the moans became louder and more intense hearing wasn’t enough I had to see what was going on with my own eyes. I could hear the little voice in my head saying that I had found something to wank to tonight which I paid no mind to “or so I would like to say” as I carefully climbed the loo trying not to make any sound. I peeked over and there she was BETTY sitting legs split apart like the red sea a dark dude I didn’t bother trying to recognize because all my attention was on Betty’s titties jiggling out of her bra with every thrust she grasped her breasts fondling with each nipple in between her finger I could get off on just the look on her face soo naughty and sexy and slutty. I could feel how uncomfortable my crotch had become since there was no room for my lil man to grow, I felt so envious of the dude ravaging her so fiercely as all I could see was his hair skin and half his cock, since the other half was buried In Betty. I was lost in the moment and didn’t realize Betty staring back at me “FUCK” I screamed in my head getting startled from her gaze.. I crouched instantaneously almost losing my footing but still maintaining silence anxiously expecting her to barge in my stall and get beat up. Minutes had passed and I was still safe in my stall. Instead all I noticed was more intense moans as I climbed back up to see what was going on “YES!!!!……… I did”. That’s how suicidal I was. I slowly very carefully raised my head enough to peek over and there she was looking right at me dead and center. I instinctively wanted to run but then if she was angry about it she’d have already done something by now instead she had this much more lustful look on her face she seemed happy to watch me watch her get fucked. She didn’t take her eyes of mine as she began to actively massage and play with her breasts like she was intentionally teasing me. I bit my lower lip trying to tame the monster that she had created within me “I really want to fuck betty” I thought to myself drowning in my own imaginations. Not long after the unknown lucky fucker pulled out and aimed right at her breasts. I watched strings of cum fly over her face and I watched her watch me watch her. I realized then and there she got of watching me watch her have sex!
After watching the hottest porn in my life In person I sat in my stall just recalling everything I had witnessed and finally feeling the gravity of the situation I felt weird not worried nor afraid more or less I felt excited, maybe because this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened. Her breasts looked so ………!!!! my breasts looked so what?? Betty inquired barging into my stall…. Startled! I felt my heart rate spike, I lost my breath and couldn’t let words out of my mouth. MY BREASTS LOOKED SO WHAT!!! She asked in a demanding but softer sluttier tone as she pushed my chest with a arm and brought her face so close to mine like she was leaning in for a kiss she licked her lips, like she was about devour a meal as her eyes peered into my soul i felt like a fucking prey in the presence of an apex predator. Uhm, I mean…….i meant….what I was ……..what I meant to say was……uhmm… uhmm your breasts Are beaut…beauti….beauti…ful….. I said stuttering scratch that, I said PATHETICALLY!!
Well thank you for the compliment also you may be shy but your other member seems bold she said pointing at my groin and giggling. my member had formed a very obvious tent in my trousers which made me instinctively try to cover what dignity I had left.. Luckily it seemed like the dude she was shacking with had left the room so it was just me and her I doubt he had any idea I was there at all but well who could blame him when he had 2 magnificent tiddies in his front while having his cock get swallowed up in her hole of Joy!
You are Logan right? She asked less erotically. The guy in my class who is good at maths she continued. I just nodded anxiously ok great. so I need a maths tutor and I hope you’d be free to teach me!!
I kept mute and blankly stared at her contemplating how everything could go great or could go bad trying to decide which decision would be best until Betty brought me back from my own mind by bending just enough for me to see her cleavage and saying in the most sluttiest tone “oh preety please logan I would really be GRATE..FUL..if you taught me M...A….T….H” I nodded again but this time more enthusiastically and excitedly like HELL YEAH I’D TEACH YOU MOTHERFUCKING MATHS YOU MOTHERFUCKING BEAUTY I said in my head. Okay great then here’s my number bringing out a pen and writing it on my hand call me and I’d send you my address I’d be expecting you tomorrow morning she said as she cat walked out the room I just stood there watching her sway her hips from side to side and it was an HYPnotic Sight.

It was the next morning. I barely had any sleep I spent most of my night painting different scenarios of what could possibly happen to me today i imagined the possibility of actually getting fucked by betty which in turn gave me epic boners all night and I briefly taught about rubbing one out but that idea was killed by the possibility of anything happening with betty today I wanted my junk to be fresh and energized. The time had come for me to prepare to go tutor her. I shaved, yes I know a little presumptuous of me but its better to be ready for any possibility. I wore my finest briefs and took about thirty minutes picking an outfit that didn’t scream nerd, for that I incorporated the assistance of my younger brother who was a more outgoing social person and after the countless teases and mockery of my supposed “TUTOR DATE” he finally got around into making me look more presentable, I was stumped when I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t believe it was actually me so after an hour getting ready I set out. I was half way to her place when it dawned on me I had not carried any books hehe at least you carried a PEN a little voice in my head whispered making light of my situation by referring to my penis as a pen..i admit I did smile a little but that was not the matter at hand. I stood there on the road for a minute trying to figure out if I should go back and get the books it would make me late and I don’t like being late I decided to just get to her place I mean she should have her own books.. So I got there and stood in front of the door for a minute trying to push away my anxiety while adjusting my appearance. I finally found the courage to knock but then I wondered how I should knock a double heavy? A triple light? Or just wing it! I went with a tripple light i didn’t want to seem to desperate or something and yes I know how I am over thinking things right now. I knocked and anxiously waited for a response time seemed to crawl at this moment and a few seconds seemed like hours. The door finally opened and to my shocking surprise it was a half naked black tall dude oh shit!!!!! It was the was the dude who was with her in the stall. I stood there putting everything together while staring at him. Hey bruh get inside, while snapping his fingers at my face. on getting in I heard him call betty from the bathroom that “the maths geek” is here while I stood awkwardly in a corner admiring the great decor of the one room apartment till my eyes caught him going back to his spot where he resumed playing his game. I was immediately captivated I watched him play for awhile it was a game I had already finished twice he seemed to struggle at a place and I was compelled to help him out “hey jump over to the ledge and shoot the Minotaur on his head then double tap X to perform a twirling kick on the guy to the left” I said using my fingers to point out the henchmen I was asking him to kill. He paused!! Looked back at me with dismay “YOU PLAY GAMES? he asked. Yes I play games I replied. I have a setup at home with about 3 scores of games to play I just casually replied.. “MY MAAAAAN!!!!!!” He exclaimed. I could see the stars in his eyes it was like he hasn’t met any guys who took gaming as seriously as I did and we just sat there discussing about things ranging from what our favorite games were to gaming techniques and accessories. We were interrupted by Betty who just came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel like a chicken sandwich wrap, her milky skin shined in the dim light, her lips glossed and luscious enticing the neurons in my brain responsible for erectile functions, her cleavage obvious as day with the towel barely covering her thighs which just made me more sexually frustrated. I diverted my eye a bit to not seem like pervert which was ridiculous given what I did yesterday I guess that’s why she smiled at me when she noticed my obvious evasion. Betty He plays games!!! Who plays games Chris?? Betty asked. This dude right here he excitedly pointed at me. Is that true Logan, you are gamer?? Yes I am I said. oh wow that’s really awesome we should all play sometime she said as she made her way to her wardrobe to get a few pieces of clothing and went back into the bathroom to change into them Chris was still gaming and I sat there and watched Betty came back out wearing an armless crop top that barely contained her breasts and flayed mini skirt) that just screamed “provocative” should we start now I asked ? Yes please she responded as she dragged me to the desk where are your books she asked? uhm well I forgot them I replied lowering my head down in embarrassment. well at least you brought a “PEN” she said. yes I did enthusiastically bringing out my pen from my pocket. she looked at me and said “ohhh you are just soo Innocent, makes me want to eat you up” and then it hit me on what she actually meant which made me smile coyly.
She brought out her books and we started with the lesson, it was going well at first with simple arithmetic and 30 mins in she had grasped the concept of the topic I still watched Chris playing his game and giving him hints here and there today actually seemed to be working out well. my anxiety had faded as I got comfortable with them well until Chris randomly stood up whipped his fully erect dick out hurriedly walked over to our desk and just shoved it in Betty’s mouth ….WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!! “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING” my mind exclaimed as I watched Betty start work on his dick with her mouth. I was speechless apparently but in my head “hellooooo? This is not the time for this I mean you have a guest here we are meant to be doing maths and most importantly can I please join??” I sat quietly and just watched betty handle chris’s business with spit dribbling down to the books and table while he just stood there head raised eyes closed enjoying the bliss. I noticed betty dragging her eyes to my direction as she sucked she slowly reached for me trying to get her hands on my buckle which seemed a little hard for her given her current position I subtly dragged my chair closer to her to enable her do what she wanted and with one hand stroking a cock into her throat she used her other hand to unbuckle my jean realizing how this was playing out I enthusiastically helped her pull out my cock and as soon as her cold soft hand wrapped my cock my vision became impaired at that moment she stroked it as well as she could while still maintaining concentration on the other dick I drew myself really close to her and hesitantly reached for her breasts Trying to see if I’d be met with a positive reaction and not seeming too forward and the moment I grabbed a handful she let out a muffled moan followed by a tighter grip on my dick which let me to believe it was okay to touch her breasts at this point I stood up now me and chris were standing while betty Sat down with 2 dicks in her face this prompted Betty to stop sucking chris’s dick and started stroking it instead as she faced my dick and swallowed it whole. I lost my shit, I felt my legs tremble and for a second I lost my balance I looked down on the beautiful sight of Betty engulfing my dick in her mouth and the pleasure was just inexplicable I raised my head back up and locked eyes with Chris he smirked and gave me a guys nod of approval and with that it was like all my restraints had been removed and I immediately let loose by raising Betty’s top and “plop” as Betty’s breasts came bouncing down me and Chris each took a side as she sucked our dicks in intervals while we groped each breasts and individually did whatever we wanted with it after a minute or so I got down on my knees and started sucking her nipples while I threw my hands under her skirt of course she had no panties on and she parted her legs a bit more to let my fingers play with her while I suckled on her tit. Chris followed my lead as he dropped to his knees and began sucking too. Betty leaned back and embraced our heads on her breasts as we both were breaking her mind apart I took random glimpses of her face and just saw what I could only describe as undiluted pleasure, her eyes were blank, her tongue was out with saliva dribbling down her chin, I took a step further by abandoning her breast and going under her skirt putting her legs apart some more I went in for the kill throwing my face into her cunt and just going animalistically intense, I ravaged her cunt with a variation of sucking, slurping and nibbling i still went ahead to add in my fingers so while I ate our her pink bean 2 fingers were bring thrusted up her hole. While I was down there Chris had picked up my slack above and handled both her breasts with supreme care twisting and turning, sucking and licking, squeezing and caressing, Betty was on the verge of a total mental breakdown as she kept on moaning and shrieking and when we realized how wet and ready she was, I carried her over to the bed Betty was ecstatic as she threw her cloths off and smiled lustfully , erotically looking at both of us standing there with our dicks pointing directly at her “Come fuck me NOW!!!” She demanded as she laid down spreading her legs and massaging her breast I quickly positioned myself in between her legs at the edge of the bed while Chris went on the bed over her head. I smooshed my dick against her cunt trying to soak it in her juices, I repeatedly brushed the tip of my dick around her pussy while tapping my entire cock on her clit before finally unexpectedly driving it slowly into her, she went wild, wailing in bliss “ne……w……di……..c……..k” she moaned as I felt her pussy trying to adjust to my cock but before I gave her the chance I started thrusting in rapid successions and she began wailing again but this time Chris jammed his cock down her throat muffling her noise and choking her in the process and after 10 seconds in her throat he pulled out his dick covered in saliva, betty coughed trying to catch her breath which was difficult for her because I was still hammering her cunt like a starving beast! Chris placed his sloppy dick on her head using it to tap her cheeks and paint her lips before shoving it back in her mouth again although he wasn’t as rough this time around. When I realized I was reaching my limit I indicated by giving a nod to Chris who understood and switched positions with me. We fucked Betty in both Holes again Chris flipped her over and got her on all fours he knelt behind her ass and rammed his dick through her well prepared pussy I knelt in her front petting her head as she stared at me with a deranged smile of lust impatiently grabbing my dick and pushing it down her throat. As Chris hit her from behind the momentum pushed Betty’s body forward which forced her to take my dick deeper in her throat. I’d hold her head in place and fuck her face as hard and as fast as I could, while Chris did the same from behind after awhile interchanging ways my cock would fuck Betty’s face I finally splurged my cum in her mouth and her face and then laid down to catch my breath not long after Chris reached his limit he quickly laid her on her back climbed to her chest and unloaded everywhere from her face to titties. He then sat to regain his composure. Betty laid there drained and exhausted covered in cum and naked, but she looked so happy and glad I didn’t know if I should have been glad or scared.
Hey Logan, lets play some games I have a multiplayer game I know you’d like, Chris offered while cleaning himself up and putting his cloths on “well I wouldn’t exactly call it clothes since it was just a boxer short” hell yeah!!! Lets do it I enthusiastically responded as I got up to put on my clothes back on.
Betty laid like that for the rest of the day while Chris and I played games till sunset.

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