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Best Pre-marriage Discussion For Courtship To Prevent Break Up
Best Pre-marriage Discussion For Courtship To Prevent Break Up by Starboy(m): Wed 17, November, 2021
Best pre-marriage discussion for courtship to prevent break up

Marriages break up for several reasons. But when a marriage breaks up over an issue that could have been avoided or resolved before they even got married, it calls for serious concern.

Let's look at some of the issues that have led to the collapse of some marriages.

Marriage have ended because the wife gave birth to only girls.

Marriages have ended because the wife refused to effect a change of name.

Marriages have ended because one of them needed to resign and they could not agree on who should resign.

Marriages have ended because the husband said the wife must stop being friends with her former friends because she was now married.

If you take a critical look at those issues, you will agree that they are issues that could have been resolved before the couples got married.

So the question is, what were they discussing during the relationship before they got marrried?

Do you know that there are 27 issues that lead to the breakdown of most marriages? And if you can discuss and resolve these issues BEFORE you get married, you have increased your chances of a successful marriage by over 95%.

Do you want to know what these 27 issues are so that you can discuss them with your partner BEFORE you get married?
I am going to let you have nine of them for free.

1: Will the wife be keeping her present family name after getting married?

2: If seven years into your marriage there is still no child, what happens next?

3: If medical tests reveal that your husband/wife is the reason behind your inability to have children, will you remain in the marriage?

4: Are you willing to end all forms of communication with a friend if your husband/wife objects to it?

5: What kind of bank account will you operate when married? Separate or joint accounts?

6: If it becomes necessary for one of you to resign from your job how will you decide who should resign?

7: How will properties/assets be bought after getting married? As separate individuals or as a couple?

8: After getting married, can either of your relatives come and live with you?

9: If you have children and all of them turn out to be only girls or only boys, what happens next?

Those are 9 out of the 27 issues that you MUST discuss with your intending spouse BEFORE you get married.

Unfortunately, a lot of intending couples ignore discussing these issues only for them to become deal breakers in marriage.

Do you want the complete 27 issues you must discuss with your future spouse before getting married?

Then order the 27 Most Ignored Questions by Singles.

Remember, who you will get married to is about the most important decision you will ever make in this life. Don’t take it lightly.

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