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I Guess You Know Biology, Zoology, Or Sociology But Here Are Other Ology You May Not Know Did You Know Queen Elizabeth Ii Keeps Track Of When She Wore Each Outfit? Did You Know? Your Brain Is Active Even If You Are Asleep Did You Know 40 Percent Of Human Jobs Could Be Replaced By Ai In The Future?
I Guess You Know Biology, Zoology, Or Sociology But Here Are Other OLOGY You May Not Know by Goodboy(m): Sun 21, November, 2021

We know you know biology, zoology, or sociology. But here are other OLOGY you may not know.

Ichthyology — study of fish

Scatalogy — study of feaces (shit)

Petrology— study of rocks

Neonatology— study of new born babies

Paleontology— study of fossils

Dendrology— study of trees

Trichology— study of hair

Haemotolgy— study of blood

Arenology— study of sand

Palynology— study of dust

Hyetology— study of rain and snow

Phlebology— study of veins

Onychology— study of nails

Pogonology— study of beards

Osteology— study of bones

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