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On July 20, 2014, Patrick Sawyer, a Liberia-American, introduced Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to Nigeria. What many didn't know is that the act was deliberate.

Before he came to Nigeria, Sawyer's sister died of Ebola in Liberia and he attended the funeral. After the funeral, Sawyer started manifesting symptoms of the infection. He abandoned the test and treatment he was subjected to in Liberia and came straight to Nigeria as though he was fine.

When he arrived Nigeria, the manifestation of the infection showed up again and he was admitted to First Consultant Hospital. There, he was again diagnosed with the disease and was told he had Ebola.

Knowing, he is infected, he insisted he must still travel to Calabar for an assignment. When the hospital tried to put him in quarantine and stop him from travelling to Calabar, Sawyer burst into several fits of anger.

And deliberately infected medical personnel at the hospital by pulling off his intravenous line and spilled blood all over the hospital ward and medical personnel.

Later, the Liberian Embassy called the hospital and forcefully required that the Chief Medical Director release Sawyer for his assignment in Calabar. But the CMD and his staff stood their ground and prevented Mr Sawyer from leaving the hospital premises.

In the struggle, 5 medical personnel contracted the disease and died. It important to remember their names because they remain our unsung heroes. Here are their names:

Mrs Adedavoh and four of her colleagues – Amos Abaniwo, a doctor; Justina Ejelonu, a nurse; and Evelyn Uko, a nurse aide. Till today, Nigeria is yet to honor these heroes in a grand style.

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