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Why Do Super Rich People Like Bill Gate & Dangote Still Want To Get More Richer? by Starboy(m): Mon 22, November, 2021

Most people perceive being wealthy simply equates to having huge sums of money. Having riches is only part of being wealthy, however, their fortune gives wealthy people access to have more control over the society various institution, which in turn makes them influential & powerful.

A millionaire has financial resources that give him control to influence the lives of people who work for him, yet he/she doesn't have control or influence or resources to make decisions or demand changes in societies institutions infrastructure that can eventually lead to helping them grow more wealthy. They are dependent & influenced by the same system as every normal person just that they can afford a better lifestyle.

So they work hard to become multi-millionaires. When they reach there now they get entry to make connections with people who are at positions of power in the said Institutions ( Govt ), yet they don't have any true influence or control they are dependent on the system but their connection allows them to grow a bit faster. So now they want to become billionaires in hopes of getting control & becoming powerful so they can influence the societies infrastructure instead of being influenced by them.

They work towards it. Become billionaires. Now is when the previous connections they made with people in positions of power in said institutions help them to get a fraction of influence in the decision made in institutions. Still, they don't wield any control over the system. To get any true control or power over the system, they have to become multi-billionaires.

Then they work towards that. On n on it goes. So, in my opinion, it's not about money it's about getting control & power to influence the world around us instead of being controlled & influenced by it. As humans, we have been bread to believe having control over something anything equates to being powerful, that is how we feel irrespective of our financial standing in life.

Children feel powerless compared to their parents when they grow up to become adults they realise they still have no power.

A subordinate is powerless comparied to their superior.

So as humans all we want is a semblance of control & influence on our lives to feel powerful in some way or other. When we get a taste of how it feels to control & influence others around us, we simply want more of it.

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