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In The Year 2000, A Real Life Horror Show Happened In Kanungu, Uganda by Starboy(m):

Horror of the Kanungu Massacre

The foundation of the horror was laid when two charismatic and fluent people known as Credonia Mwerinde (a former bartender and sex worker) and Joseph Kibwetere ( ex-government employee) claimed they had had visions of the Virgin Mary in the 1980s.

Hinging on the visions, they registered a group called Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. According to them, the aim of the group was to obey the Ten Commandments and preach the word of Jesus Christ.


On the credit side, the movement was doing numerous charity work and contributing to social development, but on the suspicious side, there was something odd about the movement.

Members of the movement lived mostly in silence. They rarely communicate and when they do communicate, they communicate with strange signs and they live by the strictest rules because they claimed they don't want to break the commandments.

Later in 1999, leaders of the movement told their over 1000 followers that the world would come to an end in year 2000. But the world didn't come to an end on January 1 2000, an they started losing respect from their members.

Determined not to be put to shame, the leaders proclaimed another date. They claimed the world would end on March 17, 2000.

What their members didn't know is that, these cult leaders had a sinister plan. On March 17 in year 2000, the movement arranged a party, killed bulls, bought large amount of drinks and cooked food. They then called on all their members to attend the feast and eat and have a great time, because the world would come to an end that day.

Once, all the members were in the hall, the leaders sealed the hall and set an explosive on the place. More than 600 people were mercilessly murdered. Police investigation after the the explosion discovered several pits filled with decomposing and decomposed dead bodies in the premises.

It appears that not only have the leaders been killing people even before they decided to kill all their members with explosives, they have also been torturing some of their members— the police discovered several torture chambers where the leaders used to torture members.

In the end, it was clear that the movement was an elaborate evil cult, not a church.

The picture attached to this post is the picture of the cult leaders. Perhaps, the most horrific part of the story is that till today, none of the leaders of the Kunungu Cult have been found.

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