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How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria — Will Show You 5 App by Starboy(m):
Worry less when you over recharge your number with airtime from your bank account. You can convert your airtime into real cash, and with this article, you'll get to know the best apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria

When buying airtime from banks, whether it’s through the normal USSD method or internet banking, sometimes people do over recharge and that is an inevitable scenario in most cases. But as we all know that on espbase forum, we give the best solutions. Here are the best mobile apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria

Therefore, if you ever over recharged airtime on your number, there are ways you can covert that airtime back into cash and with the help of some websites and applications, you can easily convert your airtime into cash.

In this article, I’ll be listing out some of the best apps that’ll allow you to convert or turn your airtime into cash in Nigeria. You can also find similar apps that’ll allow you to sell your gift cards in Nigeria. I’ll be listing these apps below, so check them out.

List of the Best Mobile Applications to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria


Aimtoget has been known to be one of the best applications to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria and I’ve broken how to use it to convert airtime to cash in details here, actually, they became the first and they have even expanded the services they render on their app. You can sell your airtime to them and they buy at a rate that is nothing but considerable.

The Aimtoget app also does more than just converting your airtime to cash, you can also get more services from them and some of the services you’ll find on this app are bill payments, data purchase, airtime purchase, transfer funds e.t.c. If you’re looking for a good app to convert your airtime to cash in Nigeria, Aimtoget is there for you.


AirtimeFlip is another good app that’ll allow you to turn your airtime into cash in Nigeria, this app is one of the best out there, and while it only offers conversion of airtime to cash, for now, you can still trust it to be your favourite airtime converter.

AirtimeFlip is very easy to use and has a very simple interface that makes operating the apps very clear and easy, you can also read an article on how to convert airtime to cash with AirtimeFlip. While you might find a lot of negative reviews about this app, it’s still very good and stands as one of the best apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.


Patricia is no doubt one of the best platforms to sell crypto and gift cards in Nigeria. However, this crypto trading platform also has a feature that allows its customers to trade their airtime for cash.

Patricia has one of the best rates when compared to some of the other airtime to cash applications listed on this post, for example, when you sell airtime worth N1000, you should get cash of N800 deposited into your Patricia Bitcoin Wallet. This app is quite easy to use, a great User Interface and it’s available to download on Android and iOS app stores.


Recharge2Cash also makes it easy for Nigerians to turn their airtime into cash, and they also make sure that can be done in just a few simple steps. This app is one of the best out there in Nigeria, and so far they only allow you to sell your Airtime and they’ll credit your bank account within minutes. They buy large amounts of airtime and they pay instantly.

You can also buy data from Recharge2cash and you’ll get a good discount from them. They have one of the best apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria and their app is straightforward and their services are top-notch.

Airtime2Cash Nigeria

At the moment, Airtime2Cash Nigeria is getting everyone’s attention with their reliable services and also making sure you get paid when the bank isn’t available to get your cash instantly. With Airtime2Cash you can get paid via airtime from your customers, and Airtime2Cash credits your account for you instantly.

With Airtime2Cash you can sell your airtime and get real money within minutes and they have very good customer support that’ll give answers to questions asked. Airtime2Cash is one of the best apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

With the apps I’ve listed above, you can now find it very easy to get your money back anytime you over recharged from your bank account, you can also buy data from these apps and also make bills payment with a lot of conveniences.

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