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Have You Heard Or Seen Fish Skin Bandages Before? Doctors Using It To Heal A Patient? Have You Heard About The Eukonkanto Wife Carrying Championship In Finland? Have You Ever Seen Electronic Scanner For Blackboards Have You Heard About Fictosexuality? Meet Akihiko Kondo
Have You Heard Or Seen Fish Skin Bandages Before? Doctors Using It To Heal A Patient? by Starboy(m): Mon 17, January, 2022
Cosmetic surgeons in Brazil have discovered how to use Tilapia fish skin as a form of biological wound dressing to sooth and cure severe wounds caused by burns. It has been discovered that the fish skin performs significantly better in the healing process.


Tilapia fish is one of the most common freshwater, disease-resistant fish. Tilapia skin contains sufficient levels of collagen type one and high degrees of humidity. These characteristics speed up the healing of burns and provides patients with essential proteins while they heal.

During the healing process, the fish strips form a mould over the burn wound, retsore damaged tissues using cells from the patient's body, and almost appear as if they are part of the body.

The fish skin also reduces the need for patients to use pain medication and prevents infection.


Research has also shown that fish skin bandages also work on some animals like donkey, etc.

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