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Meet Nikko Allens Jenkins - Read Some Weird Fact About Him Meet Zana Of Abkhazia (ape Woman) - The Weird Fact Mystery You Can't Wait To Read 50 Most Interesting Unknown Facts You Should Know Weird Facts You Don't Know: Strange - Unbelievable But Is Absolutely True
Weird Facts You Don't Know: Strange - Unbelievable But Is Absolutely True by Talker(m): Thu 27, January, 2022
Some facts:

1. If you wake up between 2-3am without a reason there is a possibility that a ghost has been staring at you for a long time.

2. If you close your eyes the color you see isn't black, it's Eigengrau.

3. Before joining a satanic church in orlando USA, u must drink 1 litre of woman menstruation blood.

4. Your mind has the ability to sense when someone is looking at you.

5. When you look up at the sky and see white dots flying around, you are actually see your own white blood cells.

6. When you sneeze hard enough you can fracture a rib, but trying to suppress a sneeze and you might rapture a blood vessel in your head or neck which could lead to death.

7. 60% of people are addicted to talking alone and creating scenes that will never happen.

8. Most girls often cry every night without a reason.

9. Most girls/women put on the wrong bra size.

10. Men process other men’s voice with the part of the brain that processes simple sound such as car engines, and machineries but they process female voices with the part of the brain that processes music.

11. The person reading this post will be successful ❤️❤️❤️

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