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The Elements That Make A Lady Look More Youthful - According To Researchers Construction Of Temples In The Beginning Of The Eleventh Century Did You Know? During Wwii Japan Conducted Many Horrible Experiments To Win War
The Elements That Make A Lady Look More Youthful - According To Researchers by Talker(m): Mon 28, February, 2022
In 2019, a total of 11.3 million cosmetic surgeries were done worldwide, proving that the desire to look younger and more attractive is shared by people around the globe. And it makes sense, as a youthful appearance can be a sign of good health and longevity. But thanks to science, there might be a way for women to take years off their faces without breaking the bank. And it just involves paying attention to certain physical features.

Your facial skin color is a telltale sign of aging because it changes and fades as you get older.
There are several cues to one’s age, including fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. But researchers have added “facial contrast” to the list, and it’s defined as “the difference in luminance and color between the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows and the skin surrounding these features.”

Studies have shown that aging and constant exposure to the sun affect our skin. And it appears that women (regardless of race) generally lose their facial contrast as they get older.

The team learned that women look younger when their eyebrows, eyes, and lips stand out.
To test their theory that facial contrast affects how people perceive age, the researchers manipulated photos of women from 4 ethnic groups. They altered the 3 key areas of the face and made 2 versions of the image — one high contrast, and one low contrast.

They asked respondents to select the picture where the subject looks younger, and nearly 80% of the participants chose the high contrast photo. The results confirmed that highlighting the eyebrows, eyes, and lips can help a woman control how old (or how young) she looks.

You can make your eyes pop by using the right shades.
In line with their findings, the study mentioned that applying makeup can help increase luminance and enhance facial contrast. For example, using eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can aid in masking some signs of aging.
There are, however, specific shades that could make your eyes brighter depending on their natural color. For blue eyes, contrasting hues of orange, copper, and gold may be your best bet. For brown eyes, cool shades, such as blue and purple, will make them stand out more.

Women with gray eyes can play with several tints, from silver to orange to red or purple tones. And hazel-eyed ladies can use metallic colors to bring out the brown flecks, or warm and earthy shades to make the eyes appear brighter.

Keeping your eyebrow game strong can do wonders for your face.
Eyebrows frame the eyes, so keeping them well-groomed has its benefits. When applying makeup to them, experts recommend dabbing the product in small, flicking motions instead of a heavy strike to achieve the more natural “tiny hair” look.

Be careful not to overextend the tail of the eyebrow and create natural arches instead of pointy ones. Using concealer under the brows will also illuminate that area.

Make an impression with supple and healthy lips.
Contrasting the lips with the eye color can help balance the shades on your face. Darker lipstick goes well with bright-colored eyes, while flashy tints suit brown or hazel eyes.

You can also match the lipstick color with your skin tone. People with darker skin can highlight their lips with vibrant colors, like pink and orange. Those with fairer skin will definitely stand out with either dark red or light pink lips.

RE: The Elements That Make a Lady Look More youthful - According to Researchers by Nlsoft(m): Mon 28, Feb 2022
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