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Here The #pepperdemgang Poor Black People Mentality
Here The #PepperDemGang Poor Black People Mentality by Nlsoft(m): Sat 05, March, 2022
The primary reason many black people all over the world make money, steal money from the public till and display their bogus wealth is to oppress those they do like and impress those they do not like.

Nigerians are not the worst hit. Africans have the uncanny habit of flagrant exhibitionist display of wealth, beauty, intelligence, excellence, and other natural endowments.

The narrative is the same in every black community all over the world. From the Nigerian musical artiste who sings about money, cars, house, clubbing, and women to his African American Cousins like Birdman, Lil Wayne, Snoop Doggy Dogg to Kanye West to Dr. Dre to P. Diddy to Fifty Cent to Lil Trashy.

They all display their cash, cars, bling, diamonds on social media and make it rain in clubs. The list of crappy social ambivalence is endless.

This is why Davido's cliche tag is 'OBO' - 'Omo Baba Olowo' - Son of the Wealthy Father. This is why his lyric contains having 30billion Naira in the account. This is why his elder brother bragged that his dogs eat better than some people.

This is how most Africa and black America roll, which is nothing more but to show up, brag, and many, go to social media's platforms, forum discussions, and live in clubhouses is still the same things with these guys, bragging and showing up, including Africa leaders and politician among then religion leaders also, actors and actresses

Now if I may ask, why do most of these people do this? if is not to oppress those they hate and impress those they think they love:

Use the comment section of this forum to let the house know your thought. Cheers

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