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Hilarious Story That Will Crack Your Ribs Hilarious Facts About 90s Born Africa Children Vs Mothers Actor, Ogogo Reacts Hilariously As His Daughter, Kira, ‘dumps’ Him For Billionaire Otedola Hilarious Prank
Hilarious Story That Will Crack Your Ribs by Gistreal(m): Sun 06, March, 2022
His hands were itchy.

This bus conductor.

I noticed it while my driver overtook their bus frequently.

Either he cursed and slammed his hand on cars passing by.

Or he slapped dispatch riders on the head.

"Dey ride like a female he-goat, you no dey see road?"

Dispatchers ignored him and move ahead with their journey.

I watched from my cab and shook my head.

When they got to the traffic, he gave some of the passengers their balance.

It was at the same time that an army truck pulled beside the bus in the traffic.

This bus conductor hung on the bus again and took a nasty glance at the soldiers in the truck.

He had thought the traffic had completely moved.

I didn't know the motivational wee.d that deceived him.

As his bus moved, he slapped one of the soldiers on the head.

And screamed.

"Keep head like unripe mango because you wear camouflage you think say person no fit slap you?"

Little did he know that he had met his Waterloo.

The traffic had forced his bus to stop.

At the same time, the soldier he slapped on the head jumped down from the truck.

"You slapped me? Wow. You slapped me?"

That was when the we.ed he smoked that gingered him to slap the soldier left him before his spirit left his body.

He screamed.

"Heeeeey I don enta. Who send me message?"

He threw the cash in his hand into the bus and started to run.

The soldier chased after him.

The dispatch rider he had slapped earlier, realizing what he had done to the soldier.

Blocked his exit with his bike.

Nobody put mouth.

That was when he knew he was utterly on his own.

Immediately the soldier caught up with him.

He blurted as he cried heavily, all his body vibrating in fear.

"Na my girlfriend cause am o. She say if I love am make I slap soldier o, na em I collect beta slap gee you. She dey inside the bus. On a normal day, which motivational speaker go deceive me to slap soldierman like you? Good evening, officer, sir, the death wey go k.ill you make e k.ill my driver for dia, na him gee me the we.ed wey I smoke, abeg, officer, if you wan punish me, punish both of us, sir..."

His driver screamed at him.

"E be like say you no get sense? Which kin yeye talk be that? Make I no swear for your papa..."


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