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Meet Donato Giannotto Who Doesn't Drink But He Is Always High
Meet Donato Giannotto Who Doesn't Drink But He Is Always High by Goodboy(m): Fri 11, March, 2022
On Aug. 5 2019, the journal BMJ Open Gastroenterology published the story of a man whose body constantly produces alcohol in such a high amount that the man is always drunk.

45-year old Donato Giannotto doesn't drink, but he is always high because anytime he takes carbohydrate, microbes in his body convert the carbohydrate to alcohol.
He always appear drunk and sometimes become aggressive. He was once arrested for drunken driving and found to have a blood alcohol level that's two times above the legal limit. He pleaded that he had never consumed alcohol, but no one believed him.

At first, even doctors didn't even believe him. But further investigation into his case eventually revealed that he was suffering auto-brewery syndrome (ABS), which happens when microorganisms in the gut ferment carbohydrates into alcohol. In the man's case, he had strains of yeast living in his gut that convert carbs to booze.
In the end, antibiotics were prescribed for him and the microbes were conquered.

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