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Meet Josef Frtzl - This Demon Of A Father Is A Devil In Human Flesh
Meet Josef Frtzl - This Demon Of A Father Is A Devil In Human Flesh by Goodboy(m): Fri 11, March, 2022
Who would have thought a 24-year horror can emerge from just helping one's father while he fixes a broken door?

On August 28, 1984, Josef was fixing the door of a basement that's 20-feet below his home. He called his unsuspecting daughter to help him hold the door while he nails it in place.

Brace yourself for this because you won't believe what happened next.

After Josef had fixed the door, he knocked Elizabeth unconscious and closed the door of the basement. Unknown to everyone, Josef prepared the basement to keep Elizabeth there for prolonged sexual abuse.

Elizabeth continued to live in the basement for the next 24 years and Josef committed incest with her repeatedly all through those years.

Of course her mother was desperately searching for her. Josef repeatedly wrote a fake letter that supposedly came from Elizabeth, saying that she (Elizabeth) will never come home again and her parents had better stop searching for her.

There in the dark basement, Josef impregnated Elizabeth time and time and she gave birth to 7 children. All the children were raised there in the basement.

It isn't known how long Josef wanted to keep Elizabeth and her children in captivity, but salvation came to Elizabeth in 2008, when one of her children fell ill. Josef took the child to the hospital and his evil was exposed through the inconsistencies spotted in answers he gave when doctors questioned him about the child's health.

Elizabeth was rescued and she explained the horror she and her children went through in the hands of her father for 24 years in a dungeon.

Josef is now rotting away in jail and he begs to be killed.

The Australian government is taking care of Elizabeth and her children in a highly secured location in Australia that's hard or impossible to access by just anyone. Elizabeth's name and identity has also been changed to protect her from the stigma of the horror.
One thing remained though, Elizabeth has been damaged forever.

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