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Meet Zana Of Abkhazia (ape Woman) - The Weird Fact Mystery You Can't Wait To Read
Meet Zana Of Abkhazia (Ape Woman) - The Weird Fact Mystery You Can't Wait To Read by Gistreal(m): Sat 19, March, 2022
There are many stories of persons who lived outside civilization and how wild they acted. Among them all, the story of Zana the Ape woman stood out.

Zana was described as a six-foot, six-inches tall woman discovered in the Caucasus mountains between Georgia and Russia. In 1880 she was captured by local hunters. Zana behaved like a wild animal and as such was was kept in a cage. It is said that she dug a hole in the ground and slept in it for the first three years.

After three years she was tethered at first, but then was let loose to walk around and wonder. Like a well trained dog, she never went far from where she received food. She did not like living indoors and preferred to sleep in a hole in the ground.


Zana's skin was dark and her whole body was covered with reddish-black hair.

She was very tall, broad, and had huge breasts and buttocks with very muscular arms and legs.

She never learned to speak, instead she made inarticulate sounds and mutterings. She, however, knew her name and carried out many commands.

Zana was said to be too fast she could outrun a horse, and could swim across the wild Makva River even when it rose in a violent high tide.

She was very strong and could lift incredible amounts. She preferred to walk naked even in the winter, tearing dresses that she was given into shreds.


This may not sit down well with anyone, but Zana got pregnant by the men of the village.
Zana had four children who grew up to be normal speaking men and women. The oldest son was named Dzhanda, the oldest girl Kodzhanar, the second girl Gamsa and the youngest boy Khwit, he died in 1954.

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