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How Do You Stay Patient When Things Take Longer To Happen? How Do You Define Relationship? How Do Evil People Sleep At Night After All These Killings Of Innocent People? How Do You Deal With Unappreciative People?
How Do Evil People Sleep At Night After All These Killings Of Innocent People? by Nlsoft(m): Sat 19, March, 2022
Most Time I Ask My Self? How Do They Sleep At Night, These People Killing Innocent People All In The Name Of More Money, War, and Hunger For Aggressive Power

This is A hospital in Kyiv that posted this photo of an injured mom being treated. The mom, Olga by name, used her own body to shield her baby when Russian shelling hit the family’s house.

So although the mom and dad (that’s father on the right) were hurt by shrapnel, the baby was not. #MaternalLove, #Stopwar #Worldforumlive

So far thousands of people have died from the Russia Ukraine war, as well millions of Africa who have died to poverty, hunger, and poverty-related diseases brought to Innocent Africans by The Africa so-called Leaders, who knows one thing, how to loot African resources and wealth at the expense of the larger majority of Africans, is so sad seeing all these things happening around us

Killing by power has to end, be it by War, aggressive hunger for power, African leader's corruption, and looting mentality all have to come to an end

May God Help the innocent ones around the world, I'm feeling sad right now, Can someone please help me with the answer to my question. How Do These People Sleep peacefully after all these killings of their fellow humans? @ World Forum Live

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