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Why Do Those Richest Men In The World Still Want To Have More Money? Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? Why Do We Like To Be Around Positive People? Why Do Super Rich People Like Bill Gate & Dangote Still Want To Get More Richer?
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? by Nlsoft(m): Sun 20, March, 2022
A Friend of mine was making over $15k monthly this was before the COVID, Then came the COVID, He was fighting on ranking his news blog with keywords related to COVID, Pandemic, etc.

He wrote great articles, create videos related to COVID and Pandemic which he was ranking, the traffic was great, he earnings multiple

But that did not last long, after some months of him ranking with COVID and Pandemic related keywords, his sit was sanctioned and he lost everything including his domain and all the contents on his site

Even with backup files, all the contents were all sanctioned and that was how he lost it all, so he started again, but the journey was not so easy, even to date, he is still yet to rise again

What was his sin: He included a lot of traditional ways for one to cure or prevent COVID, Yes He rank but after some months, he was sanctioned and lost the site, all ranking including contents, including his Ads account

My Question: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

The government led by WHO, Google, Bings ETC all came on him, His portal was delisted, the domain name and all his contents flag, he IP Map, his DNS listed, His entire Computer IP was blacklisted, My friend could not believe it, someone that was living large became a bigger, he tried to rise again, serious it has not been ease with him

He started a new project in 2020, after about a year on the project nothing is happening, he is not ranking on any keywords, his domain Authority remain 1, Google Adsense refused to approve his new account, he is now having mental health-related issues and is thinking of leaving IM by the month of June

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