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The San Pedro Prison In Lapaz Bolivia Is One Of The Strangest Prisons In The World
The San Pedro Prison In Lapaz Bolivia Is One Of The Strangest Prisons In The World by Gistreal(m): Wed 23, March, 2022
Prisoners in San Pedro buy their own cells, they elect their own president, they run shops, restaurants, and schools in the prison. There are no guards in the prison, and prisoners can live with their wives and children.

Rich prisoners can rent their own luxury prisons for up to $30,000, build a new prison by themselves, or renovate existing prisons to meet their own standards. Poor prisoners rent filthy prisons for a few hundred dollars.

Rich drug lords and politicians held in the San Pedro Prison, built their own prisons and furnished it with TVs, Jacuzzis, library, etc.

Some criminals build their own prisons and put them up for rent so that new prisoners can rent them. Once the rent is paid, they sign the agreement form and deeds of transfer.

When prisoners are about to be released to go home, they are presented with a bill for the water and electricity they consumed during their stay in the prison.
Jobless prisoners can find job in a restaurant, school, or shop, there in the prison. A rich prisoner can also open a shop, school, restaurant, or any other type of legal business in the "prison community"

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