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Quick Facts About Rccg And Pastor Adeboye
QUICK FACTS ABOUT RCCG AND PASTOR ADEBOYE by Gistreal(m): Sat 26, March, 2022
1. RCCG as an economic entity is valued at N800 Billion Naira.

2.Redemption Camp situated on Kilometre 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, sits on 40,000 hectares of land, and has a population of 100,000 people. It is worth N300 Billion Naira.

3. The Former RCCG Auditorium is a one million seater, one Kilometre auditorium, worth N8 Billion Naira. It was built by a Chinese firm.

4. RCCG owns a prayer garden worth N1 Billion Naira.

5. Redeemers University is valued at N5 Billion Naira.

6. The new RCCG auditorium, a 3 /3 Kilometre auditorium, is valued at N30 Billion Naira.

7. Assets of over 15,000 branches in 125 countries of the world, are worth N300 Billion Naira.

8. Annual Offerings and Tithes from 10 million members globally put at N200 Billion Naira. This is exclusive of special donations from partners and friends of the ministry.

9.RCCG NORTH AMERICA owns a campground in Texas, USA worth about N16 Billion Naira.

10. Pastor Enoch Adeboye owns a Gulfstream G550 Private Jet worth N8 Billion Naira. It was rumoured at a point in time that he also owned a Helicopter in America worth N2 Billion Naira.

11. He earns N1.2 Billion Naira from his sermons (Tapes, VCD, and DVD), and 1 Billion Naira from his books (Including Open Heavens) annually.

12. According to Forbes, his personal net worth is put at $65 million dollars. He makes at least $2 million dollars in revenues from RCCG annually.

13. He is a lover of toys. He owns a Rolls Royce Phantom ($400,000), a Land Rover Discovery ($80,000), and a Mercedes Benz Gelandewegen ($100,000).

14. He owns a house in the UK.

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