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How To Hang Sconces? by Belac17(m): Tue 29, March, 2022
How To Hang Sconces Next To A Mirror
A sconce is mostly used indoors, either in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom e.t.c, or even outdoors. This is a wall lighting fixture that is mostly installed near a mirror, and a wall is used for support. They are fixed to direct upwards and outwards, they've been in existence for a very long time and are usually called wall lights. Now, sconces are used for many purposes, they can be hung next to a mirror and there’s a way this should be done.

If you want to know more about what this is about, it isn’t hard. Follow tactically because all you need to know will be detailed explained in this article.

How Do I Choose And Install Wall Sconces?
Before hanging sconces, it is expedient for you to know how to choose and install the wall sconces that you get. If it’s the one you decide to hang near a mirror, it is going to be different because they serve different purposes. Their uses vary from adding a layer of flattering ambient light, making sure there’s light where the overhead lighting doesn’t cover, a decorative design and so on.

In this guide, you will see different sconces that fit particular places in the home and tips that will assist in installing them in each specific space. So how should you get this done, find out below:

1. For Bathroom Wall Sconces.
You can install bathroom wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Doing this will prevent ugly shadows that are usually caused by overhead lighting from disrupting your morning activities.

Installation: To install them, place one sconce on either side of the vanity. If the bathroom to use has two vanities, make use of 2 to 3 wall sconces, and they should be 5.5-6 feet from the floor. Also, placing them on each of the outer edges will make it more positioned.

2. Open Box Prospect 2-Light Wall Sconce.
For this type of wall sconces, they are mostly installed near the bedside. This is because they are very good reading lights. They are great options for the nighttime.

Installation: When you want to hang a bedside wall sconce, make sure that it is 30-36 inches above the top of the mattress i.e 6-12 above your shoulder against the headbit in a shoulder sitting position.

Although these may vary depending on the design of the sconce, getting a dimmer is also good incase you realise the light is too bright and you want to decrease it.

Now, almost every home uses a sconce one way or the other. These wall-mounted light fixtures are always supported with electrical boxes and add light to the needed dark areas in the home. They are very versatile and are used in the dark corners of the home such as the bathroom, kitchen, hallways as great task lighting tools. You can place them over bathroom sinks in tandems of 3 or above or 6 to 8 feet apart in a hallway to light the way for foot traffic.

They are of various designs which includes modern and sleek sconces, but irrespective of the type of sconce that you need, there is one that will fit your functional design since they are widely available.

Installing a sconce is a very simple process, and you can do it yourself. But before discussing that, here are the tools and equipment that you will need:

• Drywall knife, screwdriver, drill, stud finder, tape measure, marker, safety glasses, electrical box, wire, wire nuts and connectors.

Make use of your safety glasses and cut the power to the entire home because you will be dealing with electrical wiring and fittings.

These are the do-it-yourself steps that you should take note of:

1. Mark The Spot.
You must mark the perfect position where you want the wall sconce to be. This is needful because it must perfectly fit, it also needs to be beside a wall stud because that is where it will be attached to.

2. Cut The Hole.
The hole you’ve marked out for the sconce fitting must be cut. Trace around the box by marking the area.

3. Cut A Channel.
This means that you must cut through the drywall to run a wire to a switch. Alternatively, if this works for you, try getting the wire through the wall to connect the sconce to a switch and the switch to an outlet.

4. Connect Wires.
The wires should be connected to the junction box and run to the place where you want to install the switch. You must put in mind that the black wire is white, the white is neutral and the ground wire will be exposed wire. So connect the ground wire to a green ground screw on the box, while the white wire goes to white and the black wire to the black.

5. Connect To The Outlet.
Find the existing outlet to the switch location and run the wire through it.

6. Install The Switch Box.
The switch box must be installed and attach it to a stud which you can see because of the hole. Then attach the wires running from the source.

7. Install The Mounting Pole.
The mounting pole must now be installed at the sconce place.

8. Attach The Sconce.
The sconce must be attached to the mounting plate.

9. Attach The Wire.
The wire running from the switch to the outlet must be attached. Now, if you have multiple wires that need to be secured, twist them together and secure them with a wire nut.

10. Turn The Power On.
Test the switch by turning the power on. Take note of avoiding contact with anything live on the switch.

11. Install The Switch Plate.
Finally, install the switch plate and reattach the outlet plate.

How Do I Hang Sconces Next To A Mirror?
There’s a way your sconce should be hung next to the mirror, when you want to do this, make sure that the sconce is to your height level and levels to your face. It should be 36-40 inches apart and nothing less than 1 inch from the mirror side. If it is above the bathroom mirror, make the light fixated at 1.5 inches above the top of the mirror and centered over the mirror.

One of the tips that will help you in hanging is to mount pieces into the glass cutters when you pick up your mirror. This will make the mounts fit in properly before the mirror is installed. You should screw into the holes 2 mounting screws on the mounting strip. Also, when it comes to hanging vanity lights over a mirror, the light should be installed above the medicine cabinet or 75 to 80 inches height for a mirror from the floor because it impacts how well you can see reflection. Calculating the distance of a sconce to a mirror is also key, which is anywhere from 60 degrees to 70 degrees, and mounting the sconce on both sides of the mirror. You can also do it 36 degrees to 40 degrees apart to make sure that there’s lighting on the face.

To hang a sconce or improve the look of your mirror, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional. This is the way to get it done:

• Measure The Width Of Your Mirror.
When it comes to measuring the width of your mirror, it’s the number one thing you must do. Take one of the sconce and hold it against the width of the wall where you intend to hang it. The height should also be appropriate in case you want it hung to a different sized mirror. So this helps you to measure the distance of the top to down of your sconce, and there are 60 cm to 2 feet. Once done, another piece should be placed against the wall and the height marked. Now, the first piece of the sconce can be taken away and the second piece, but mark it at 60 cm or 2 feet downwards from the top while this is done.

• Get A Spirit Level And Hang It From A Cord.
You should string it at that height. The sconce should be adjusted in case it is not perfectly horizontal with the spirit level supporting it, and if you have a particular tail mirror, it should be vertical. You can mark your screw holes using a pencil so that they can pass the back of the sconce for them to be fixed when it is hung on the wall. The paper template should now be removed and the rough edges taken off so that they can look perfect before being painted.

In conclusion, the benefits of sconces are very many. Apart from the fact that they are energy efficient, controlled and conveniently positioned, they are very effective, less-costly and very easy to use. So you can get and hang a sconce near your mirror when you want to!

RE: How to hang sconces? by Belac17(m): Tue 29, Mar 2022


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