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THE WEIRDEST PHILOSOPHER - Diogenes by Goodboy(m): Thu 31, March, 2022
If you studied philosophy at any level you must have heard of the philosopher Diogenes and just like other philosophers like Socrates you may have found him interesting, just that Diogenes was interesting in a different way.

Born in 404BC to a rich money-changer father Thaseus, Diogenes was born into wealth until he was banished from his hometown for adulterating gold and silver coins with metals, which is same crime as making fake currencies in our present day, a very serious offence.

Diogenes then moved to Anthen where he would later develop interest in Antisthenes philosophy of Cynisism.

If you're familiar with the Cynics philosophy, they believe that simplicity is a virtue and work tirelessly to get rid of material possessions that they consider useless. To cynics all that is required to live life is food, water, cloth and a place to sleep, every other possession is considered useless, which was why it wasn't so surprising that Diogenes lived in the open market where he had all his needs met and a bunker to sleep.

Some believed Diogenes took his philosophy to the extreme as a result of the offence of greed and love for money for which he was banished. He lived like a mad man, clothed with rags, feeding from the ground with dogs, some even referred to him as a dog or a mad man.

One very interesting thing about Diogene was his relationship with Plato, in fact Diogenes and Plato had a dreadful relationship as he always disagreed with and criticise Plaoto's teaching making Plato really cautious of what he said as it could be used against him by the wise but weird Diogenes.

Asides masturbating and peeing publicly in Plato's classes, Once it was said that Plato and Diogenes had one of their numerous heated arguments when Plato became hooked in the middle of the argument having being proven wrong by Diogenes, Diogenes walked up to him, touched his fore head and said
"I believe you can find emptiness up here"~Diogenes

Nervy right? But Diogenes nerves didn't care if you were considered one of the wisest or you were royalty.

Alexander the great was greatly intrigued by Diogenes and his philosophy, once Diogenes was having a sun bath when Alexander went to him and asked what he (Alexander the great) could do for him (Diogene), Diogenes could have asked for anything from the king, a place to stay, money or even food but this was his reply

"I have nothing to ask than that you will remove to the other side, that you may not by intercepting the sun take from me what you cannot give___"~ Diogenes

That was savage

Another time Alexander caught him starring intensely at a heap of dry bones and asked why, Diogenes replied
"I am searching for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave"~ Diogenes

Even with these insults Alexander still revered Diogenes and considered him an interesting and intelligent philosopher to the extent he'll say
"If I wasn't Alexander I would wish to be Diogenes" ~Alexander

Meanwhile, Diogenes wished for nothing more than to be himself that to Alexander's wish he'll say

"If I wasn't Diogenes, I would wish to be Diogenes"~Diogenes

It isn't clear how he died, some said he died from the poisonous bite of a dog, others said he died from eating a poisonous octopus as dinner, funny still others believed he was tired of life and so he held his breath for so long that he died, but he died at 89 years which is strangely long for a homeless man.

Diogenes was without doubt a wise man and some interesting things we should learn from Him is, We should not care so much for things we do not need, according to him

"Poverty is a virtue which one can teach oneself"~Diogenes

He was considered crazy, called a dog for masturbating and peeing publicly, a way of life he choose and loved, he dared to be different, to this he said

"It is not that I am mad, it is only that my head is different from yours"~Diogenes

Yes he was a weird, rude and daring philosopher but we should learn contentment from his very popular philosophy,

"He has the most who is content with the least" ~Diogenes
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