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How History And Time Reveal Feminist Follies Most Funniest And Very Interesting Story About Watch Dog Watched Over River Seine In Paris Story — The Temptation A True Story About The Power Of Generosity
STORY — THE TEMPTATION by Abdullah(m): Sat 02, April, 2022
A very beautiful daughter of very rich man in a certain community stepped out of her house to visit her aunt, who lived no more than a few streets away. Suddenly a riot erupted as she had gone halfway and she found herself trapped with apparently nowhere to go. She saw a Masjid nearby and quickly went inside.

Sitting in the women’s section The rioting continued late into the night and this girl did not know what to do. The custodian of the Masjid was a very young student there and late at night when he walked through the Masjid before locking up he noticed this beautiful young lady.

He was a respectful young man who feared Allah and so politely asked her to leave saying that if she was found there then both would be dishonored and thrown out. She pleaded with him because of the extreme danger outside and so he agreed that she could spend the night, and sat down to study at the opposite end of the Masjid.

The girl was unable to sleep with the events of the day. In her mind and so watched the young man sitting studying by candle light at the opposite end of the Masjid. She kept watching him and was very surprised at something she saw. From time to time this young man would extend his hand and keep it over the open flame. Only withdrawing it when the flame obviously became unbearable. He then would resume his studies and continued this throughout
The night until the dawn broke. The young men call the adhan and
asked the girl to leave before the congregation started coming to pray since now everything was calm outside.

She agreed on the condition that he tell her why he was placing his hand on the candle flame throughout the night. The young man said that was his own business and so the girl refused to leave until he told her what she wanted to know.

The young man gave in and said, “I am at the age youth and strong desire. We were alone and my desire was increasing, and although I was studying the shaytan would occasionally put temptation in my heart. Hence whenever I would feel any temptation I would put my hand on the flame and my fingers would burn. I would say to myself that this flame is nothing compared to the fire of Hell.”

The girl left the Masjid and reached home, calming her parents’ fears as to what had happened to her. She also confided in her mother that she wanted to marry custodian of the Masjid near their house.

She related the night’s events to her parents and said that only such a man with true fear of Allah in his heart can be true to his wife. Only such a man who truly fears Allah can fulfill a wife’s rights properly. Hence the poor custodian of the Masjid earned the daughter of a rich household in marriage.
He received this honor not because of his looks but because of his Character!

Everything disintegrates and turns to dust but character remains strong. Honor is not bestowed because of good looks, clothes or beautiful jewelery but because of what is in the heart.

May ALLAH protect and guide us all.

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