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Becoming A Voice To The Global World, To Africa Nigeria by Nlsoft(m): Sun 03, April, 2022
Becoming a voice to the world in the face of global and national shame, You see the world is a mess right now. there is war in Europe, the war in Africa Ethiopia in the Tigray Region, terror groups are killing and mining innocent people in Nigeria my country, yet many people who are supposed to be a voice to the world, to innocent Nigeria are the ones praising the terror lead government

Be a voice to the voiceless, please don't be mute for the best reasons known to you, never be mute at this time when people are dying like birds across Nigeria. #Nigerians #Lifes #Matters.Read How Your Can Become A Voice To The World Here

In the news I read, they say the crisis in the nation is all political, my question then to both the leaders and politicians is, most politics be to the detriment of innocent masses, why the mass killing all in the name of politics

I also read that over 1000+ innocent humans, I mean people like you and me, have died so far in Kaduna state, one of the Northern Nigeria states, there were killed, also hard to believe that the killing is not stopping and the government is finding it hard to protect lives and properties in this part of the world called Africa Nigeria. #Why the continuous killings of innocent Nigerians

The ASUU is on strike, so almost 75% of Nigeria students are sitting at home, and people can't speak up, people can't ask the government important questions, the government that is supposed to be for the people is today against the people, What a sad place called Africa Nigeria

Read here my memo on why you should Be A Voice To The World

Cheers and stay safe, wherever you are reading this from. Stay safe

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