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Sadly That Southeastern Nigeria Is No Longer Safe. So Sad
Sadly That Southeastern Nigeria Is No Longer Safe. SO SAD by Nlsoft(m): Sun 03, April, 2022
The Anambra state government has called on the people of Anambra state and those residing in the state to come together and reason one, the peace talk as to the government is important to the development of Anambra state

How far do you think this Anambra Peace Talk Will Go, will Anambra know peace again just as it use to be in the past, not just Anambra but the entire eastern state, Imo State, Enugu, Abia State, Ebony State, etc. will they ever know peace again, or has a big evil befall on them, did Charles Chukwuma Soludo, Governor of Anambra State pushing or provoke the Unknown Gun Men, ESN, and IPOB. By directing an end to the IPOB Monday Sit At Home

Surely the government is on the right track by calling on the good people of Anambra state to come let all reason together, for the peace, unity, and development of Anambra state, but the question is, How successful or failed will the Anambra Peace Talk turn out to be, who knows, only but time will tell

What is your opinion, Will The Anambra Peace Talk Be Success, How Safe Is Eastern Nigeria Lately, What Can The Government Do Best, and lastly Who and who is enforcing the Sit At Home, Will They Adhere to the Governor's call to Peace Talk

And more importantly, why is the Federal Government of Nigeria silent on the continuous detention of Nnamdi Kalu

It's indeed sad that Anambra state is no longer safe, the news is heartbreaking, what is the way forward and what best are your Opinions?

May Anambra Succeed, May Eastern Nigeria strive for greatness in peace, love, unity, and progress.

Just asking, what is your opinion, Cheers to all FROM ALL OF US NairaLEARN

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