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What You Are About To Read Is Very Hard To Believe But It's The Truth by Gistreal(m): Fri 15, April, 2022
This is Stephanie Matto. She is a YouTuber, influencer, actress and author.

December 2020, this lady made over $200,000 (around ₦80 million) just by selling her fart. She farts in glass jars adorned with flower petals and ships them to her international and local fans who paid for the packages of fart.

Every single week in December, she made over $50,000 selling her fart to her loyal fans. At a point she sold about 97 jars of fart in less than three days. She even gave discounts during the December holidays.

Cool business!

Motivated by how effortlessly she was making six figures and smiling to the bank, she decided to diet on meals that have high protein so she can produce more fart for sale.

She ate black beans, eggs, protein muffins, and just about any food that could trigger consistent farting.

In January 2021, she was hospitalized for excess build up of gas in her body and it almost had a fatal ending.

She was left with two options: (i) end the fart business by taking doctors' advise to stop eating fart-inducing meals; or (ii) continue the fart business and end her life.
You guessed right. She made a wise choice.

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