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Shep - Faithful Till The End Check Out Four Powerful Precautions For Faithfulness In Marriage The Thing About Infidelity - Unfaithful Man & Woman In Marriage
Shep - Faithful Till The End by Gistreal(m): Thu 21, April, 2022
Astonishingly, dogs have been humans loyal companions, hunting partners and best friends for about 400 centuries.

Maybe no dog in history proves that fact better than Shep.

Shep was a sheep dog of a shepherd around Benton, Montana.

One day in 1936, the shepherd took ill and was taken to the hospital. The dog followed immediately.

For several days, the doctors worked on healing the shepherd. While the treatment was going on, even though the hospital management didn't allow Shep into the ward to see his master, Shep never for once left the hospital— the dog stood around waiting for his master so they can go back home.
Unfortunately the master died. They packed him up and went to the train station to send his body back home for burial. Shep the Dog stood by watching as his late master was being sent to his place of final resting.

When the train started moving, Shep ran after it hoping to follow his master, but his speed was no match for the train's speed. The train left without Shep aboard.

Shep didn't give up. He made the train station his new home. Every single day, Shep will stand at the same spot he stood the day the body of his master was sent for burial.

Shep will go to the train station and stand at the same spot (looking in the direction the train followed the day his master was taken away), waiting for his master to return via the train.

Shep became a sort of favored celebrity in the town, as the story of his faithfulness spread around.
Shep continued the routinous wait for his master for five and a half years, until one day when he was struck by a train.

Shep had gotten old, was no longer as agile as he used to be and had lost more than half of his hearing ability, so he didn't hear quickly when a train was approaching and couldn't move away from the tracks before it was struck.

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