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Remember The Dora Milaje Warriors In Black Panther And Avengers Movies? by Gistreal(m): Thu 21, April, 2022
They are characters created from real historical figures called the Dahomey Amazons, or Mino (it was the male warriors that called them “Mino.” Mino means “our mothers”). Dahomey Amazons were an all-female military regiment in Dahomey, modern day Benin Republic. The regiment was created by King Agaja in 1708. There were about 10,000 amazons in the regiment.

Though they were all females, Dahomey Amazons were the most notorious, and merciless female warriors in the history of their times. The warriors were made from a group of elephant hunters. This, perhaps, explains another reason they were famously merciless.

Dahomey Amazons certainly believed they were supernatural beings. It's said that they hate to be called women or even refered to as men. It's considered an insult for one female warrior to say to another: "you are nothing but a man". According to custom, the only way to apologize for the insult is in a mortal combat— the two warriors have to fight till one of them dies.

A married woman who joins the Dahomey Amazons must (as a matter of compulsion) stop having sex, and must not give birth; she legally becomes a state property. Single ladies who join the army must remain virgins till they leave the military.

In Richard Henry Stone's book about the 6 years he spent among the people in what we know today as Southwest Nigeria, he narrated a story of how the King of Dahomey invaded Abeokuta with 7000 female warriors.

They infiltrated the town through the wilderness. For several days, they cut down trees and torns to secretly made their way. To make their impending invasion a successful convert operation, the warriors worked and walked through the wilderness without saying a word to each other. They communicated with grunts and shriekings like monkeys and apes; they killed instantly any of their soldiers that forgot herself and mistakenly communicated like a human.
That way, Abeokuta people never knew the merciless invaders were already at their door step. That was how they stormed the city in full rage and destroyed it.

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