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Einstein's Brain And The Curse Of Being A Genius
Einstein's Brain And The Curse Of Being A Genius by Gistreal(m): Mon 25, April, 2022
There is no doubt that Albert Einstein is one of the greatest people that walked the surface of the earth.

With his brain, he worked out the theory of relativity and made possible the development of nuclear fission". Those were two scientific discoveries that changed the history of science forever.

This is why Einstein's brain was something everyone wanted to touch and see.

Immediately he died, a doctor cut open his head and took out his brain hoping to come up with ground-breakind scientific discoveries, after studying the brain extensively.

To ensure that people don't start worshipping his grave, Einstein's body was cremated and the ashses were scattered in a secret place ( It had to be a secret place because if people knew where the ashses were scattered, they could turn the place to a site of worship).

The brain was divided into 240 blocks, and 12 sets of 200 slides containing tissue samples indexed to the blocks were created.

All the great neuropathologists who studied the brain discovered it's not so different from the brain of other normal non-genius people. Even when the brain was weighed, it's size (1,230g) was the same size as that of men of Einstein's age.

Obviously, there was nothing spectacular or special about his brain that can lead to great neuroscientific discoveries.

Over the years, the brain has been cut into several pieces, transported around and passed from one hand to another.
Today, 46 small portions of Einstein's brain is in Mütter Museum in Philadelphia.

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