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Teaching Of Quran Wa-sunnah By Sheikh Doctor Sharof Gbadebo Raaji Quran Wa Sunnah - Can A Man Marry Two Or Three Wives On The Same Day - Dr Sharof
Quran Wa Sunnah - CAN A MAN MARRY TWO OR THREE WIVES ON THE SAME DAY - Dr Sharof by Abdullah(m): Mon 25, April, 2022
Questioner: Can a man marry two or three wives on the same day?

Dr Sharof: There is no problem about it, but it will result in a lot of misunderstandings. This is not from the Sharee’ah. By Allaah, marrying two women on the same day will result in a lot of problems. According to the Sharee’ah, if you marry a lady, you have to keep her company for seven days before returning to other wives as scheduled. If she is a woman, you have to keep her company for three days (before returning to other wives as scheduled). If two wives are married on the same day, how will the time be shared? Some (people of knowledge) say we will organize a contest for them. The one who is lucky will take charge of the first seven days while the other one takes charge of the next seven days (if they are both ladies). Don’t you think they will get into a silly quarrel before the end of the first seven days? The wife who is not favoured with the contest will complain a lot that she has been cheated. She wouldn’t mind ruining the marriage. Therefore, this implies that you shouldn’t create an unnecessary problem for yourself.

Some people interpret the verse, ‘…then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four…’ [Soorah An-Nisaa’ (4):3] to mean that you have to marry one wife, or two women at once, or three women at once, or four at once. Where do they get this illogical understanding from? There is no such thing in the rulings of the Sharee’ah. If that understanding is correct and a person marries two wives at once but he is not contented with them, will he have to marry another three women at once? How many wives will that become?

The Congregation: Five

Dr Sharof: If you are no more contented with five wives, will you marry another four women at once? Nonsense! The correct thing is to marry one. By the time you are capable of marrying a second wife, go ahead. And if you are capable of marrying another wife, go ahead again. This is from the reason (some) women do not want their husbands to be stupendously rich. They believe that you (their husbands) will marry another wife by the time you become very rich. This is the time she will come up with great expenses that will consume your money. So, the Sharee’ah makes us understand that it is not pleasing to marry two wives at once. Na’am.

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