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Thomas Alva Edison Was One Of The Most Prolific Inventors In History
Thomas Alva Edison Was One Of The Most Prolific Inventors In History by Storyteller(m): Mon 09, May, 2022
Can you work for Edison?

He developed many devices that are still relevant today in in the areas of electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures.

Edison was awarded more than a thousand patents in his lifetime—the most that
the U.S. Patent Office has ever issued to a single individual.

But Edison almost had no formal education. He was largely a self-taught inventor. His mum, who used to be a teacher, withdrew him from school after several negative comments from his teacher, due to his unbearably poor academic performances.

For the rest of his life, Edison had little or no belief in formal education and university graduates.

This was even made worse by the bad experiences he had with university graduates. Time and time again, he had hired scientists and engineers who graduated from the best schools, only to be shocked that they knew little or nothing about what they claimed to study in school.

In the 1920s, Edison decided that as a part of the hiring process, he would test scientists and engineers who apply for jobs in his lab.

The test was a 150-question test. And Edison employs only applicant who answer 90% of the questions correctly.

Edison put in all the work to make sure no one knew what the questions were. In fact,
we only know the questions today, because one guy who applied at his lab leaked some of the questions to New York Times.

The guy applied at Edison's lab, but somehow didn't get the job. Nonetheless, he was able to recall 146 out of the 150 questions. He leaked them to the New York Times, which published them, along with the answers.

Here are 37 of the questions. To qualify for a job with Edison, you need to answer 33 out of the 37 questions correctly.


Try to answer some of the questions without using Google.

Good luck!

1.What countries bound France?

2.Where is the River Volga?

3. Is Australia greater than Greenland in area?

4. Where is Copenhagen?

5. In what country other than Australia are kangaroos found?

6. Who was Bessemer and what did he do?

7. Who was Paul Revere?

8. Who was Hannibal?

9. Where was Napoleon born?

10. Who invented logarithms?

11. Who was the Emperor of Mexico when Cortez landed?

12. What and where is the Sargasso Sea?

13. Rhode Island is the smallest state.

14. What is the next and the next?

15. Of what state is Helena the capital?

16. What causes the tides?

17. Where is Kenosha?

18. What is the speed of sound?

19. What is the speed of light?

20. Who was Cleopatra and how did she die?

21. Who discovered the law of gravitation?

22. What is the distance between the earth and sun?

23. What is felt?

24. Who discovered radium?

25. Who discovered the X-ray?

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