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Why Youths Take Bbnaija Serious Than Government- Ruggedman Why You Must Pursue Your Dream Why Young Male Elephants Need Adult Role Models
Why Young Male Elephants Need Adult Role Models by Gistreal(m): Tue 10, May, 2022
If not they'll become savage, raping and killing rhinos, and buffalos, or fighting each other to death.

Young elephants in adolescent age, 15 and 18, are in what is called "musth", a natural state where young males are flooded with reproductive hormones. This urge to mate go into overdrive and result in their being aggressive.

But when a young elephant in musth encounters a bigger bull elephant, he immediately drops out of musth as he knows his testosterone cannot compete. Through this, they learn how to control their delinquencies.

This fact has been proved

In a national park in South Africa, where adult elephants have decreased because of poachers hunting them for their large tusks, adolescent elephants were found to be aggressive.

But once adult male elephants were reintroduced, it stops the younger elephants from entering musth in the first place.

So it seems killing older male elephants upsets the sixial structure of elephants.

This musth story has been used in American academic papers to show the importance of a stable society and a father figure to provide boundaries for adolescent males.

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