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Nigerian Pilots Are Currently Training On Super Tucano Fighter Jets At The Moody Air Force Base In Georgia Are Curses Real? Can Someone, Something, Or A Family Be Cursed?
Are Curses Real? Can Someone, Something, Or A Family Be Cursed? by Storyteller(m): Thu 12, May, 2022

The Kennedy Family "Curse"

The above questions will lead to serious debates and arguments, but whether or not you believe in curses, after reading this story, you will certainly ask yourself:

"how come one family suffer so much tragedy?"

The Kennedy family is not only one of the famous political dynasties in the world, it's also, perhaps, one of the most unfortunate families in the world.

The family has been known to have repeatedly suffered various tragedies. So terrible it's that JFK's brother, the late Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy, once actually wondered out loud if his family were victims of an "awful curse."

Timeline of tragedy


Rosemary Kennedy lobotomised. It was supposed to be a successful surgery that will correct Rosemary's mental illness, but the surgery failed. Rosemary continued to behave like a 2-years-old child for the rest of her life.


Joe Kennedy Jr. died on a mission. Joe was being prepared to become the next American President and he had already begun a political career when America entered into World War Two. Joe died on a mission when the explosives he carried in his plane detonated earlier than expected.


Kathleen Kennedy died in a plane crash on her way to see her dad in Paris.


Newborn Patrick Kennedy died after succumbing to complications of hyaline membrane disease despite desperate attempts to save him.He lived for just 39 hours.


John F. Kennedy was assassinated.


Robert F Kennedy was assassinated.


Ted Kennedy Jr.’s leg was amputated.
Son of Ted Kennedy and nephew of JFK, Ted Kennedy Jr. was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer in his right leg: this was swiftly and successfully amputated in November 1973, and the cancer did not reoccur.


David Kennedy, the fourth son of Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel Skakel, died from a drug overdose.


Another son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, died in a ski accident in Aspen, Colorado, on New Year's Eve, 1997.


JFK Jr. dies in a plane crash.

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