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The Secrets Your Fingernails Are Hiding by Gistreal(m): Thu 12, May, 2022
Look at the base of your finger, did you see a rounded shadow at the base?

That rounded shadow is called lunula, which is Latin word for "little moon."

The lunula holds more secrets about your health than you can imagine.

The more energetic a person is, the whiter the lunula is. When the lunula changes color or suddenly disappears, it's giving out important health details.

The lunula on each finger, has specific health information it's passing across.

Lunula on Thumb: This is related to lung and spleen. If the color is pink, that's a sign of pancreatic dysfunction. This means the person cat catch cold or diabetes easily or feel tired repeatedly.
Lunula on Index Finger: This is related to intestines and stomach. When it's pink, that's a sign of poor circulatory functions of the stomach and large intestine.

Lunula on Middle Finger: it is related to pericardium channel and consciousness. When it's pink, that's an indication of unbalanced consciousness, insomnia, and dreaminess.

Lunula on Ring Finger: it is related to internal secretion. For women, when there is a change in the color, it's a sign of gynecological diseases like irregular menstruation.

Lunula on Little Finger: it is related to heart and kidney. Generally, the lunula is unlikely to appear on this finger and when it appears, it's a sign of fever. The red color indicates serious heart disease.

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