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18 Month Old, 4 Days Boy From Indonesia, Ardi Rizal Came Into Limelight For Smoking 40 Cigarettes Per Day The Cigarettes Actors Smoke In Foreign Movies Do Not Have Tobacco
The Cigarettes Actors Smoke In Foreign Movies Do Not Have Tobacco by Storyteller(m): Fri 13, May, 2022
Instead, they're filled with herbs such as tea leaves, cloves, rose petals, etc, and are nicotine-free, and non-addictive.
We said "foreign movies" because we can only confirm this fact about movies that are not Nigerian.

So this is why actors can smoke heavily when they're before a camera; it's not as if they're willing to sacrifice their health just for a movie role.

This is important to note considering the impact movies have on social consciousness. We are usually quick to pick up what we see in movies.

According to reports, tobacco impression in youth-rated films was as much as 4.3 billion in 2019. ‘Tobacco impressions’ is the number of times smoking was shown in movies.

4.3 billion times!

There's no doubt that smoking has become prevalent and more popular due to TV shows.

But it's worth imagining how we endanger our lives by engaging the real tobacco cigarettes —addictive and full of nicotine —whereas it's not what the actors subject themselves to in the first place.

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