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The Weirdest Philosopher - Diogenes Meet Zana Of Abkhazia (ape Woman) - The Weird Fact Mystery You Can't Wait To Read The Weird Animal Okapi With Very Long Tongue
The Weird Animal Okapi With Very Long Tongue by Storyteller(m): Fri 13, May, 2022
The Okapi has a very long tongue and can in fact lick its own ears, making it a very weird animal.

Is it a giraffe? Is it a zebra? Is it the result of a giraffe and a zebra getting too cozy? Also known as the zebra giraffe, the okapi is actually a close relative of the giraffe but is not any sort of hybrid. This strange and weirdly attractive animal is about 4.9 feet tall at the shoulder and about 8 feet in length. Females are a bit taller. Its neck is long but not as long as its cousin, and it has a sleek, dark brown or reddish-brown coat and those zebra stripes on the legs and hindquarters. Male, but not female okapi have ossicones on their heads. The animal is endangered and is found naturally only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The okapi is endangered and a favorite whenever it appears in zoos. Zoos that feature the okapi include the Bronx Zoo, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the Dallas Zoo, the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, and the St. Louis Zoo.

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