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The Danger Of Leaving The Mind Idle Joke Of Our Time Since Ole Have Been Sacked As Manager Of Man United The Danger Of Mysterious Wealth
The Danger Of Leaving The Mind Idle by Goodboy(m): Sun 15, May, 2022
I grew up from a religious environment where wealth and riches are seen as things of the world. As I keep hearing this and seeing people glorify poverty, unconsciously, I developed that docile attitude to wealth creation.

I unconsciously move away from opportunities that can create wealth without being aware of it.

That mindset kept me down until I started reading books, books like think and grow rich, Purpose Driven life. These books introduced a different mindset to me.

Your mind is like a garden; you are the gardener and caretaker. You are the person who consciously chooses what kind of plants, fruits, and crops to grow in the garden.

Whatever you plant in the garden is what it produces. The danger of it is, even if you neglect or refuses to plant any seed in the garden, it must and will bring forth fruit.

If no useful seeds are put into it, then abundance of useless weed-seeds will fall into it and begin to produce fruits of its kind.

If the mind is a garden you must constantly ask yourself; what seed am I planting in my garden?

As you wake up each day, seeds are constantly being planted in your garden (mind) consciously or unconsciously in the form of your thoughts, the images you view, books you read, information you process, television channels you watch, websites you frequent, and the people you surround yourself with.

Seeds and fruits

Look at every thought or actions as a seed that you are planting in your mind. This seed, if nourished in your mind, will eventually grow up and become stronger. No matter how small or insignificant the seed may be, if you give it time and nourishment it will soon grow root and gain strength.

Most people are suffering not because of what is happening around them but simply because of their mindset. Your mindset can keep you poor forever, your mindset can keep you in fear and cage you.

We need to liberate our mind, consciously work on developing your mind.
Your destiny is in your hand.

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