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Think Very Well Before You Quite That Job, Especially In Nigeria
Think Very Well Before You Quite That Job, Especially In Nigeria by Goodboy(m): Sun 15, May, 2022
Before you change your job, read this.
You found a new job, or you want to leave a current one.

It's for the better...
Are you sure about that?

There are common mistakes people make while changing a job.
Check them before you decide:

1. Your friends told you how good it is.

Your friends might be right. It's good for them.

But every person is different. Your criteria are different.

Make your own research based on your criteria.
Don't buy your friend's emotions.

2. You change a job solely for money.

Money is important. We all work for money.

But you need to acknowledge tradeoffs:

* Working hours
* Team spirit
* Duties
* Policies, etc

Otherwise, you might end up hating it pretty soon.

3. You hate your current job.

You have reasons for that. It's normal.
But it makes your decision weak.

You can't negotiate well with a new employer.
You can't think clearly.

Try to find your peace of mind, calm down.
Only then make a thoughtful decision.

4. You are tired.

Sometimes we are tired not because of our duties.
We tend to force ourselves to do more, to do better.

Check other team members. Do they feel the same?
If not you might find yourself tired of your new job.

It could be you should reconsider your work approach.

5. You use the same quitting pattern.

Remember previous times you changed your job.
Was it the same?

People have behavioral patterns. You might have one.
If you feel the same and act the same - check yourself first.

Ask your close friends or family about that.

6. You make a decision in a rush because the position is urgent.

It could be urgent. Or it is just the recruiter plays the game with you to force your quick decision.

Forget about urgency. Sit down with a list of pros and cons. Make it a wise decision.

8. Nobody appreciates you here.

You can have such a feeling. Or no one appreciates you here for real.

Have you reflected on the situation?
Is there a chance it's all about your perception or your behavior?

If it's so - the new job will be the same.

9. It looks like the new job is perfect.

No job is perfect. If you see a new job as perfect - something suspicious is here.

You use rose-colored glasses or you didn't verify a new job place for real.
Find real pros and cons. Make a decision only then.

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