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Difference Between Being Lazy And Burnt Out by Goodboy(m): Sun 15, May, 2022

What you are experiencing might be burnout and not laziness,

Burnout is a feeling of negative physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion that comes from stress and your inability to cope with it.

Burnout is common, so it's important you know the signs and what to do about it.

Here's some signs you're burnt out and not lazy

▶️ You feel disconnected from everything

If everyday feels like you're on autopilot, and are detached from yourself,

You feel empty and it's like you're watching life from a third party, but can't help yourself.

You might be burnt out.

▶️ You used to be motivated.

Lazy people never take action, or never applied themselves to things.

But if you were high achieving and self motivated before your current lapse in energy, then you might just be burnt out.

▶️ You used to be passionate

You can't call yourself lazy if you were passionate about things in the past. Could be in sports, your talents, or academics.

You may even start to hate it because of how much you overworked yourself. And thus extending the lapse.

▶️ You start feeling irritable.

If you start to feel emotionally out of control - when this was never the case - then this is a sign of burn out.

Lazy people in comparison, are unaffected by things.

▶️ If you start to neglect personal hygiene.

This is another sign that you might be burnt out: You spend more time alone doing nothing. You don't shower because of the lack of energy.

Lazy people are this way, the difference is with burnout, you weren't always this way.

▶️ Burn out happens gradually. They follow these phases:

- The honeymoon phase
- The beginning of stress
- Chronic stress
- Burnout
- Habitual burnout


▶️ How to treat bburnouts

- Recognize it.
- Listen to your body.
- Take a break from the stressor.
- Exercise.
- Sleep.
- Drink Water (lots of it).
- Figure out if you're in sync with your goals.

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