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The Frafra Tribe Of Ghana. (marriage Custom)
The FRAFRA Tribe Of Ghana. (Marriage Custom) by Gistreal(m): Thu 02, June, 2022
Among the Frafra tribe of Ghana, when a man wants to marry a girl of his choice, his family would kidnap the bride-to-be and take her hostage in their home, where she is heavily guarded against escape.

The groom’s family would visit the bride’s
family with kola nuts, guinea fowls and
tobacco, just to inform them of the
whereabouts of their daughter. Sometimes, their marriage proposal is rejected, other times, some families would dare the man to show his seriousness by impregnating their daughter.

However, when the marriage proposal is
accepted, a ceremony known as a “hand
running” is performed. This ceremony involves the killing of a dog, two goats and several fowls, which are then seasoned and taken to the girl’s home. There, at the girl’s home, the groom’s family will officially present the dowry to the girl’s family.

The dowry always consists of four cows,
several guinea fowls, kola nuts and money. The seasoned meat is then shared among all those present to eat, as a sign of a joint union.

If the man’s family is unable to provide the
items, the woman’s family would wait for a girl to be born from the union and retrieve their dowry.

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