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Best Relationship Joke Italian French British American Nigeria by Starboy(m): Fri 03, June, 2022
Italian Relationship:
1st day= Sex
2nd day= Sex again

French Relationship:
1st day = movies & kiss
2nd day = Sex
3rd day = Sex again

British Relationship:
1 day= hangout & kiss
2nd day = kiss & hug
3rd day= kissing, hug and smooching
4th day = sex and more sex

American Relationship:
1st day= Date
2nd day= Hug
3rd day= Hug again (warmly)
4th day= Kiss
5th day= Long kiss
6th day= Sex

Nigeria Relationship:
1st day= Toast
2nd day= Toast
3rd day= Toast again
4th day= Agree
5th day= Date
6th day= Date again
7th day= Date again with three of her hungry friends or cousins.
8th day= Date & Hug
9th day= Tried to peck but failed.
10th day = Peck
11th day= Tried to kiss but failed.
12th day= kiss
13th day= Long kiss
14th day= Tried to have sex but failed.
15th day= Tried to have sex but quarrelled
16th day= Didn't talk to each other
17th day= Malice till the next day
18th day= The man called but the woman didn't pick
19th day= The man called, the woman picked and asked: "what is it?"
The man apologize and the replied: "Leave me alone, am not that type of girl"
The man continued to beg till the next day.
20th day= The woman accepted the unwarranted apology
21st day= Hug
22nd day= Long hug
23rd day= Kiss
24th day= Long kiss
25th day= Tried to have sex but the woman complains that her phone is bad. Guy promises to buy her a new one.
26th day= Tried to have sex but the woman said until he buys the phone
27th day= Tried to have sex but the woman asked: "where is the phone? U are not serious, call me when you are serious"
28th day= Rape.
29th day= Police case.

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