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Have You Heard Of Congenital Insensitivity To Pain Or (CIP) ? by Starboy(m): Fri 10, June, 2022
Could Pain be a Blessing?


It's a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system in which a person is unable to perceive any kind of physical pain.

People with CIP are unable to feel pain in any body parts due to lack of senses.

It is an inherited disorder caused parents transfer copies of abnormal gene to the child and cause the trait for this problem to develop.

The problem with CIP is that since the victim can't feel pain, they won't even know they need help or try to get help when they are injured or burned. What's more, they can even go on to get more injuries at once because they don't feel any pain.

This insensitivity to pain could reduce their life span, because it's easy for them to injure themselves multiple times and bleed to death or contract diseases through open wounds.

Children born with CIP need to be monitored always lest they die from injury before they can even get help.

CIP has no known cure.

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